Sunday, February 13, 2011

slow carb me

I'm officially committing to the slow carb plan detailed in Tim Ferris' book "4-Hour Body" ... at least for a few weeks. I got the book and cookbook for my Kindle and read enough so far to decided to give this a try. I found myself agreeing with most of what I've read and think that giving up dairy and being MUCH more proactive in drinking water will be of benefit to me. The only carby addition will be legumes (low glycemic) to most of the meals.

I'm still not sold on the cheat day but as I read more and as Cro encourages me with his knowledge of metabolism I think that having one day a week of not counting carbs and calories could be what it needs. That might be wishful thinking but I guess I'll find out. :)

I've already made the mistake of deciding Saturdays would be the day I don't count things and since yesterday was Saturday I started off this new plan with the cheat. Ugh ... I hadn't even read to the part where it says to go through 6 days of the strict plan before having the cheat. That may not be a huge mistake since I have been doing strict low carb all this time but *shake it off* that's how my slow-carb plan started. Regardless I'll officially be taking measurements and baseline weight for my 50 pound goal Saturday morning and will continue to do the strict plan from today until then.

I'll detail more about the plan soon but here's one major change to my food diary: Each meal is to be represented by a photo rather than numbers. I like that because it's simple and it keeps me aware of portion size as well as accountable to you guys regarding exactly what I'm eating ... because you can see.

So here's today's meals (I'll add a photo of each meal as the day progresses):

organic eggs, 150grams of pinto beans, salsa

chicken breast, pinto beans, salsa

ground beef, black beans, salsa

chili verde, black beans

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