Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling fantastic!

So far so good on the new plan. It's very difficult but I'm actually liking the food restriction. I do think I will cut back the legumes significantly. I don't think there was a serving size even listed and like a lemming (you know, those weasels that jump off cliffs because the others are doing it ... in cartoons) I based my serving of beans upon seeing other 4-hour body dieter's photos. By cutting down the legumes I will be able to do this as a low-carb diet. :) That makes me feel much better about it. I think the legumes are part of this because he wants you to get a LOT of protein and not to be too low in calories either. The point is to get the metabolism running properly again I think. As well as to avoid most dairy (cottage cheese is the only dairy allowed on the six strict days) and cut way back on the use of sugar substitutes. I'm drinking loads of water and saving the diet soda for twice a day if I can.

I'm also taking some of the supplements that he recommends. The ones I'm familiar with anyway. I'm taking green tea, garlic and alpha lipoic acid supplements along with my regular D, fish oil. He recommends one that I'm unsure about and want to do a bit of reading before I decide to take it. It's called Policosanol and together with the other three he calls it the PAGG stack. I'm cautious because I used to use an ephedra, caffein, aspirin (ECA stack) to lose weight. Dangerous stuff!

So anyway, breakfast this morning was a bowl of Cro's chili verde. I think I'll start captioning the photos with the three requirements. Protein. Legumes. Veggy. I think I have more energy this morning but it's probably just the high of having a new plan. It's fun for me to have a very clear set of strict rules. I guess I like the challenge.

My MS was flaring up yesterday (difficulty with motor skills which resulted in limping and lack of balance). It was only bothersome because I did a lot of errands yesterday, went shopping and went to the grocery. Plus it was actually warmer than it has been in a long while and heat doesn't mesh well with my MS. I'm positive the flare-up is due to my prescribed cheat day last Saturday consuming carbs. That's another reason to cut back on the legumes during the week too. I felt right as rain again this morning so the Saturday carb MS flareup is cleared up already. I gained 2 pounds due to the cheat day, which other 4-Hour Body dieter's say should be gone in a couple of days and it's very likely that I will end the week at a lower weight than what I started this as. I hope I hope I hope.

I did mention my fears to Cro last night and I said that if I don't lose anything by next Saturday morning I will just stop this and go back to my normal low-carb (no cheat day). He said that I should give it a few weeks before I make that decision. He's right. One week wouldn't be long enough of a chance. I should give it a fair shot but I'm keeping a close eye on things! The cheat day scares me ... sure it's fun but that's not what I'm here for, you know! I'm following this to the letter and watching things carefully.

Another one of Tim Ferris's recommendations is to eat within an hour of waking up. This has been difficult but I'm obeying the rule even though it meant I had to get out of bed an hour before I wanted to Sunday rather than languishing in the quiet of the morning. It also meant that I had to eat some of my breakfast before I left for work today. I usually rush out as soon as I'm ready to go but didn't want to break the rule. Since he recommends that each meal be eaten slowly and last potentially a half-hour to an hour I just took a few bites, drank 8oz of water and packed the rest to heat up and finish once I got to the office.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

(yes, I ate this V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y ... part before 
I left for work and the rest after I got here.) 
pork shoulder, 10 black beans, diced onion&peppers

ground beef, black beans, salsa

pork shoulder, black beans, diced onion&peppers

chicken, red beans, diced onion&celery

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  1. The book does recommend that women (in particular) give the diet 4-6 weeks to show real results. Which is why I'm not very concerned about my meager losses so far. I agree absolutely with your hub that if it doesn't work for us, we can always do something else.

    I'm not eating a lot of beans either, except what my husband puts in our food, which on days I work means I only eat them at night.

    I've been doing the PAGG religiously, and like you I did some checking on the Policosinol before I added it to the mix. I guess that is for cholestrol. I tend to have a high total cholestrol and LDL's, although my HDL's and triglycerides have always been very good and my ratios are usually great. Still, I'd like the total Chol to go down, so when I have my annual physical in a few months, we will see if it makes a difference.

    He definitely does not recommend any of those ephedra type drugs, he says he used to use them and got really sick on them. So the PAGG is not a stimulant at all (especially since the Green Tea supplement he recommends is decaf.)

    Anyway, glad you are on 4HB and feeling good. I'm so glad to have someone to compare notes with!


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