Thursday, February 17, 2011

stewing the fat

I threw some lean beef for stew into a skillet last night thinking I could cook it in a fairy short period of time since it was in small pieces. Thankfully Cro came home and corrected my cooking method because on testing to see if one was cooked through (it was) I discovered it was about as difficult to cut as a boot. Cro suggested I put it all into a pot of water and let it cook on low for a couple of hours. I then thought that maybe I could add those dry lentils since they also need to cook in a pot of water but no, those need to soak overnight first. Good thing my husband knows how to cook or I would be eating boots with a side of pebbles today. :)

I've lost another pound this morning so that puts me 4 down since the "prescribed day off" (cheat day) last Saturday and a total of 2 below where I started. -48 to go. :) I'm anxious to find out if the trend will be downward after each week's gain from the day off.

I think it's pretty cool that I was able to give up diet soda, dairy, Dreamfield's pasta, Atkin's PB cups, all sugar substitutes, low-carb ice cream, and all the other things I haven't been eating for five days now. If I can get through tomorrow (no doubt at all about that) it will be one week down and on to the next on Sunday! I hope this is really going to boost my metabolism because it ain't easy being non-cheesy. Okay, THAT was cheesy, lol.

I cut off my water consumption an hour before bed to keep me from having to get up so many times in the night. I consumed over 90 ounces of water during the day and no diet soda. I do miss the diet soda though and plan to have some (but NOT 90 ounces!) on Saturday since I'm allowed. I won't be having regular soda though ... I just don't like it. After having chosen a diet option for soda practically my entire life, regular soda tastes like syrup with a sticky aftertaste.

I was made to worry about not getting fat from the moment I could understand what that means. Mom was stunningly beautiful and slim (still is) ... and also always on a diet (still is). Dexitrim was her go-to diet pill back then but thankfully she warned me to stay away from it.

beef, black beans, spinach

ground beef, black beans, salsa

3:30 and 8pm (same meal in halfs)
beef, black beans, spinach


  1. It is neat to give up stuff isn't it? I always thought I couldn't live without dairy and olive oil. I don't miss them as much as I thought. I did have organic milk this week though while I was eating crap. It was really good. Pricey, but good.

    Hey, do you always eat with a plastic fork? LOL

  2. I bought Cro some organic chocolate milk last week. He says it is more delicious than Nestle Quik. Maybe I'll try some Saturday. It's sort of liberating to have a day off and still be on plan. :) I decided to try to photograph with the same type of fork so it acts as a size marker in the photo. I do love my plastic forks though ... I wash and reuse them so it's not as wasteful as it looks. :) Maybe I should rename my blog "The Happy Fork". lol

  3. This is the first chance I've had today to catch up blogs. Reading yours reminded me to drink my water...I haven't had as much today as in the past few days. So I'm sitting here drinking some.

    I'm so glad you are doing so well! That's exciting.

  4. Something new is very exciting. It will be even more so if it works despite the cheat days. We are forging into new territory with this! :) It seems healthy, though extremely restrictive 6 days a week. How are you feeling with the restrictions?

  5. Actually I'm feeling very good. Restrictions are nothing new to me, as I've spent my whole adult (and teen) life restricting. (ED type of restricting.) I'm actually quite comfortable (and used to) eating the same thing day after day after day...

    My hub and I were discussing this, and I think when I was on my typical low-cal, I would eat lots of carbs but only be getting maybe 25 g of protein a day. That's definitely not enough for a woman my size who works out a lot. Now I get 30 g with my breakfast alone! So the extra protein seems to be making me feel better and actually "think" better. Mentally I'm in a good place.

    One thing I've found extremely helpful is to make a protein shake with egg protein (the powdered kind) for breakfast. (That's the 30 g). It can last me from 6:30 when I drink it, until noon or beyond without being hungry at all. I literally have to make myself eat, but when I do, I feel good.

    Tomorrow is my weigh in (and "rest") day, and as usual I'm nervous about the scale. But no matter what it shows, I'm glad I'm on this program because I feel GOOD for the first time in years.

  6. I'm glad you're feeling good. :) I hope this plan continues to be great for both of us. The six days are different for me in that I can't have the low carb foods (like cheese) that I grew to rely upon. I feel very good about the break from those habits that I'm sure I was leaning on too much. If this slow carb thing (the cheat day) proves to be bad news I have no fear about going back to straight low-carb 7-days a week. I'll certainly keep a few good habits no matter what. I think if that happens, my cheat day will be replaced with a weekend of low-carb foods such as cheese that I restrict during the rest of the week.


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