Thursday, February 24, 2011

stripes and flashing lights

I feel more "me" in stripes than in dots.
I was startled by sudden flashing lights behind me not even too far out of the gate. I immediately turned on my signal and began to slow and pull over. The cop car blasted past me like a bat out of Hades. When I reached the intersection there were 3 other police cars blocking things off and a man standing in the middle directing traffic around what at a glance was a pretty significant wreck. It was my turn to go so I didn't have time to look it over very well but I did see an upside-down car with no front bumper. Maybe I can catch what happened on an Indy news site later.

No woosh again today but I am down to only half a pound above what I ended last week. Two more days will very likely give me a teeny tiny total loss for the week. Though I'm frustrated I know it's too soon to change direction so I'm just going to stick with this for a few more weeks to give it a fair opportunity.

I do feel better in that I've given up artificial sweets, dairy and diet soda on all but one day a week. That isn't as tough as I thought it would be but mentally I am feeling a little sulky at giving up so much and not seeing a big loss on the scale.

My first instinct is to can the beans (remove them) and to eat about half of what I have been in total meal size. I'm not going to do that. I might reduce the amount of beans but I don't think removing them completely is the key. My MS hasn't been reacting like it does to high carbs so I really do think the low glycemic index doesn't spike my blood sugar. My meals have already been small so eating even less seems counter-intuitive to stabilizing my metabolism. I guess I'll stick with what I've been doing and not make knee-jerk reactions. ((-_-))

This week has been way overloaded for Cro at work and very stressful for me at work. Tomorrow is Friday at least ... but today is blah. Ooh, and I get my hair cut and highlights tomorrow night. I'm slightly less blue than I was yesterday ... I blame the polka dots.

7:30am (half of this)
chicken, red beans, diced onion

11:00am (the other half of above)
chicken, red beans, diced onion

pork shoulder, mild chili peppers

pork shoulder, mild chili peppers


  1. Your picture today is so pretty! You are always pretty, but today, extra pretty. Is it all the beans?


  2. I had my hair done today :) Go Girl :) Since I started exercising, I have only lost one pound last week. BUT, I think I'm loosing inches . Glad the cops were not after you LOL

  3. lol, ty. I think it's a combination of the beans and that the strips makes me feel happy. :)

    I'm glad the cops weren't after me too ... and a little confused that I didn't see any news reports of the accident yesterday. You'd think that an accident that resulted in someone's car being flipped upside-down would be newsworthy.


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