Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tunnel vision

I weighed this morning to check out the cheat day damage and I'm only up a pound and a half. I have a great feeling that I'll be less than where I left off by Saturday morning and be able to subtract a little more from my total pounds remaining to 50.

There really isn't much hunger associated with this eating plan. I got hunger pangs when it was about time to have second meal yesterday and sometimes get hunger pangs right before bed. These are either quickly resolved by it being time to eat or time to go to sleep. Legumes keep the hunger mostly at bay. I think if I were only eating meat and veggies I would have a constantly growling stomach.

Although the meals are monotonous they are good. I have tunnel vision regarding the rules but that's good too. I don't want there to be any chance of me messing this up. I know that I can have whatever I choose on Saturday and until then it's no problem staying on the straight and narrow, it's only 4 more days.

Sunday theoretically should be the most difficult day since it's the farthest from the next cheat but it hasn't been. Of course this is all still shiny and new ... hopefully it won't become difficult over time.

pork shoulder, red beans, mild chili peppers

ground beef, black beans, onion

pork shoulder, red beans, mild chili peppers

chicken, red beans, onion and garlic

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