Tuesday, February 8, 2011

uncomfortable and sleepy

I worked from 7am to 7:30pm yesterday. That's a long day for me and all due to due dates. I needed to get one project that is due Wednesday into internal review so I can start on another project that is due Friday. I'm sure there will be revisions from the first project, taking away time from the second. The second one has me nervous because a client is flying in from New York to attend the presentation to committee. I'm sure it will be fine but since I only was tipped off that this project was coming last Friday and won't get the wireframes until this morning ... yeah, a little stress. What else is new?

I watched the fourth episode of the Being Human remake last night. Meh ... it just doesn't stand up to the original. Cro and I also watched Black Swan over the weekend. Good overall but so full of disturbing scenes that it wasn't comfortable to watch. I don't much care for watching someone rip their own fingernail to shreds, watching a wacko mom clipping her wacko daughter's fingernails and cringing in dread waiting for that nail clipper to slip, seeing a torn toenail up-close in high def ... and that was just the parts that involved fingers and toes. Ick.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It feels like it should be Thursday ... whole lotta work!

I had Baked Mojito Chicken again for lunch today. The guy who sits at the desk next to mine came over to see what it was because he said it smells very good. It IS very good. :)

[6 carbs] low carb ice cream
[2 carbs] pecans

[8 carbs] mojito chicken with onions and peppers

[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] queso blanco
[6 carbs] low carb ice cream
[2 carbs] pecans

TOTAL 26 carbs for today

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