Monday, February 21, 2011

Week two and all's well

As I sit here at work, pre-dawn and in the quiet, I'm happy that this slow-carb with cheat day plan seems to be going well so far. It's only the beginning of the second week however. There is no question regarding whether or not I will have sugar substitutes during my six days of protein-legume-veggy simple meals ... I will not. If this continues to work for me I think not having diet soda during the week will be the norm. I will add it in again at some point but I don't think it will ever again be my sole source of hydration.

I wish I could bottle this "beginnings" determination to last me through future days of stalls which are sure to come. Hmm, maybe they won't though. Maybe this new plan really will keep my metabolism roaring.

Cro was attending a huge pork roast late into the night to make Chili Verde for this week at my request. What a super sweet man he is. He also spent half of the weekend (all day yesterday) dismantling our home's nearly 50-year old bathroom plumbing and installing new. I would say he deserves a vacation day soon!

I have meals stacked in the fridge for today and part of tomorrow and will pack up Chili Verde tonight. I'm eating the same type of meals over and over but as long as I mix and match it doesn't get so tedious that I feel like throwing in the towel. Maybe the fact that eating the same simple meals is a bit boring is good.

When it comes time to eat a meal I've been finding myself not really wanting to and having to make myself grab a meal, heat it up, take a photograph and eat. It's not the old "I want to eat" drive I used to have. It's not munching on something out of boredom. It's more of a necessary chore. After the meal is done I don't think about the next one other than doing the mental math of when I have to eat next. It's all for the good of my metabolism now and not for the pleasure of eating. That's significant.

I do think about next Saturday though. That's the day when I don't have to plan my meals ahead and don't have to eat the same boring thing. The day that I don't have to eat by a certain time of waking up and don't have to eat beans but can eat cookies if I want. A day of freedom to a certain extent. Yay Saturday. Oh! And it's also the day I find out if I've lost more weight!

ground beef, black beans, onion

Chili Verde - pork shoulder, chili peppers

ground beef, black beans, onion

pork shoulder, red beans, mild chilis


  1. Great to hear you are sticking with it ! I'm on the start of week three. I had to fuss with the coke zero myself yesterday. (See my blog at ). I'm on day two of NO COKE. I love your meals. Do you have recipes ?

  2. They are very simple and no recipe but I'll just tell you how. Cro slow cooks the pork roast for several hours and adds about 10 diced mild chili peppers (remove the seeds) and 5 or so diced jalapeno peppers. Nothing else except salt and pepper. For the other things I'm taking photos of, I just browned ground round and added some diced onions and celery to the top. Seasoning for the latest one was paprika, cinnamon and sea salt. Sometimes I toss in some roasted red pepper flakes. Simple simple simple. The beans are just organic ... added out of the can after being rinsed.

  3. I know you asked about low carb beans but can't find the comment. I would use black soy beans (can often be found in the organic canned foods aisle). I got a can to use with my slowcarb meals but haven't used it yet since someone warned of the dangers of soy (I don't remember what it was but I'm sure you can find the rumors on google).

  4. beans beans, the magical fruit
    the more you eat, the more you toot!

    Just wanted to say hi! I know I've been quiet lately

  5. Well..... what can possibly follow that!?!
    Love the pepper things.... Looks good, Oct!

  6. Glad you both stopped by for a toot, lol. Thankfully canned beans don't seem to have that problem ... at least I haven't experienced any.


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