Friday, February 25, 2011

worry ... no worries

Growl. It's snowing bigtime right now and the roads are already a hot mess. We've already gotten several inches and are supposed to get 4 more by noon. -_- I hope that doesn't make it difficult for me to get to the salon after work. And I hope that doesn't cause the dude who is going to cut and highlight my hair to not be there.

I think I play my life a bit too high strung. Reminds me of this tv spot, which I absolutely love. It takes a lot for me to love an advertisement. I guess I'm jaded. In this whole money-driven society it's rare to see an ad that weaves great creative into the pitch. Ugh. Going to my happy place which is a world without bad advertising everywhere I turn. A place that actually puts forth effort to entertain me even if that costs more to produce.

LOL ... what a rant. I don't know where that came from. I think I need the weekend. Here's the clever ad:

Ooh, tomorrow is the no worries day (cheat day). I don't have much of a clue what I will eat tomorrow other than Cro and I will be going to Ted's Montana Grill and I plan to have a Lemon Drop Martini.

And here's what I'm eating today. I'm out of most things and no beans for at least the first 3 meals today. Snow permitting I need to stock up on meats and veggies at the grocery tonight. Maybe I'll get some fresh cabbage or brussels sprouts and ground beef to make a beef-n-cabbage stir fry like Sadekat has posted recently. That looked very good and would fit in with this simple meat, beans, veggy plan very nicely. I did find a can of organic lentils so will probably make something with those too ... ooh, they would go nicely with Cro's pulled pork if we have more in the freezer. Chicken breasts and red beans will round out next week's meals.

* ground beef and shredded cabbage
* pulled pork and lentils with diced peppers
* chicken and red beans with diced onion and celery

I think that's should do for next week's menu. I feel like one of those back of the house chef's who has to plan a 3-course dinner ... except that everything has to consist of the same few ingredients. Okay, it's nothing like that. It does make life lots easier to plan meals ahead and have the fridge stocked with grab-n-go tupperware containers though.

pork shoulder, mild chili peppers

pork shoulder, mild chili peppers

pork shoulder, mild chili peppers

pork shoulder, mild chili peppers

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