Friday, March 18, 2011

butter up that bacon boy!

Woohoo ... I'm now a pound below last week's number and one more day before the official weigh-in. I was a little trepidatious about posting several meal photos of bacon yesterday, knowing that a large amount of people would think eating bacon is contrary to losing weight. It probably is in every diet other than a low carb one ... no I don't butter it but that would be fine on low carb too. ;)

The plumbers have the sink returned to working order and so I was able to brown some ground beef and package today's meals without avoiding dishes I'd have to wash. I am still out of cauliflower and broccoli so no veggies for today unless I order a side of steamed broccoli from Scotty's Brewhouse next door ... unlikely since it's cheaper to go to the grocery after work and restock the pantry for next week.

Tomorrow is another prescribed cheat day and I can drink diet soda that day! Cro bought some Boylan Diet Root Beer with Splenda which I'm looking forward to. I also feel my Soda Stream is neglected so I'll have to make a bottle of diet orange pop. I think we are also planning to go to Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant for our Saturday date. Love Saturday!

90g ground sirloin, .25 cup red beans

90g ground sirloin, .25 cup red beans

90g ground sirloin, .25 cup red beans

broccoli from hot pan to fork to mouth. :)


  1. Yay for having full-use of your kitchen sink again.........

  2. Yes! You don't know what you'll miss til it's clogged! There were things in there that I know Cro and I didn't drop into it so it must have been some very old previous-owner gunk. Ew.

  3. EWWW!! That is really gross!!! How long have you lived there?

    Almost forgot to say, congrats on the LOSS and I'm enjoying pics of your pre-portioned meals. They must be awesome just to have on hand.

  4. haha, i know. I bought the house about 10 years ago and it was built in the 60's. The clog was very deep and comprised of a lot of build-up and hair. Since neither of us wash our hair over the kitchen sink my guess is that previous owner might have washed their pet there lots. It's hard to say, I'm just glad the clog is all cleared away. :)

  5. Oh and thanks for the grats. Cooking, weighing portions and packaging them into containers is a hassle, but it makes things very easy on me when it's time to leave for work. Sorry the meals looks so boring but this diet I'm on requires them to be very simple and repetitive. No cheese is the most difficult thing for me about that. Ah well, I can have cheese Saturday!


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