Friday, March 4, 2011


I *heart* my striped gloves.
I didn't get to make dinner until after 8 last night and I only had one more meal packed up for lunch today. Remembering another blog that I had recently read which talked about how roasted cauliflower tastes like candy to them, I thought yeah, it is good and I'll try that.

Their technique was to roast olive oil coated broccoli in an extremely hot oven (435 I think it was) for 40 minutes or so. I tossed a package of frozen broccoli & cauliflower in olive oil and put them in a hot oven for a bit too long thinking they would require a little more time since they were starting out frozen. This resulted in veggies that were actually quite tasty while hot but as they cooled I couldn't get past the charred flavor. I had my fill at half and threw the other half out since there was no way they would be appetizing after sitting in the fridge and then reheated. Still, it was a good experiment and next time I'll know how not to burn them.

This morning, facing the same problem of not having anything other than one meal ready to take for my lunches I quickly added up the protein grams and measured out some bacon and grabbed a can of organic red beans, portioned two 6 carb servings into little Tupperware containers and I was set to get on the road.

I'm so freaking glad it's Friday and though I know the day is going to be long and mentally taxing, I also know tonight begins the weekend!

I'm the same weight this morning that I was last Friday, which is disappointing. Ah well, I said I would give this thing a good chance before ditching it and this is only week three. I'll probably give it 3 more weeks and then evaluate ... I do miss dairy and artificially sweet things like my diet soda! More water is good and tempering the things that I eat too often (like cheese) is also a good thing.

Like a buoy in the water, I'm holding my position so far at 5 pounds lost.

Meals for today will be:

60grams of bacon [0 carbs, 140 calories]
quarter cup of red beans [6 carbs, 50 calories]
sprinkle of sea salt

90grams of chicken breast [0 carbs, 148 calories]
half cup of spinach leave [0 carb, 7 calories]
quarter cup of lentils [4 carbs, 50 calories]
one TBSP extra virgin olive oil for cooking the chicken [0 carbs, 119 calories]
sprinkle of sea salt

60grams of bacon [0 carbs, 140 calories]
quarter cup of red beans [6 carbs, 50 calories]
sprinkle of sea salt

60grams of bacon [0 carbs, 140 calories]
sprinkle of sea salt

TOTAL: 16 carbs, 844 calories

bacon, red beans

chicken breast, lentils, spinach

bacon, red beans


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  1. Your meals look great ! Your goals are on set. Remember, Im in week five so far, and only lost six pounds last month. :) Keep up the reat work. Happy mardi gras :)

    Come read about : Confessions of the King cake LOL


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