Wednesday, March 23, 2011

chopping broccoli (like the Saturday Night Live skit)

I had a marathon session of broccoli roasting after work. Each bag of frozen broccoli can be split into 2 servings at 8 carbs each (or 4 servings at 4 carbs each).

I roasted two at a time for about 45 minutes before swapping for a new batch and packaging up the finished product for lunches. All told it was nearly three hours of roasting and I ended up with dinner (yum) and 8 lunches packaged and stacked in the fridge (and a larger container with the remainder since I ran out of little lunch containers). Actually there are more unopened containers that Cro bought for me ... those little guys are fragile and get bullied around if not positioned just right in the dishwasher so the unopened pack is my reserve.

Busy today but hopefully not stressful. I've been enjoying this relatively stress-free week.

2 slices bacon (5g protein), broccoli & cauliflower

90g chicken, .25 cup red beans

90g chicken, .25 cup red beans, broccoli



  1. Love the skit and the broccoli and the bacon!

  2. Did you notice the little parasols I placed behind the transparency of my bowl? I'm slowly trying to add a little life to these boring food pics.

    I've always loved that Dana Carvey skit. :)


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