Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Critter = happy

Spending a few minutes with the critter before work seems to result in pet-induced stress reduction lasting into my morning. I wake him up ... early morning is still dark enough to be part of his "day".  He is lazy but he's not reluctant to get out of the critter house when it's dark so he doesn't have to squint. Besides, he was motivated to see what goodies I had brought. Today I filled the metal screw-top jar lid that I use as a treat bowl will shreds of carrot, romaine and a few shreds of cheese. He allowed me to stroke his little back as he foraged through the salad goodies. I think he might enjoy the attention ... a little. I don't try to pick him up, respecting that it would be a one-sided pleasure. I would enjoy it while he would be rather nervous.

When I got to work this morning the office was dark and quiet until suddenly I hear a deep voice call out "gooood mornin'". Scott was here early working on projects too! I tried to have him look at the bright side by telling him that I heard the Glee kids work 18 hours days. He ruined it by reminding me the Glee kids get paid lots more than we do. :P

I'm not here early due to a project though. For me, this week is the calm before the looming storm. I just got here early to miss the traffic (FAIL ... there was a ton of traffic) and because I enjoy working in the relatively stress-free quiet of the morning.

I put together several more meals last night after work. Each plastic lunch container contains 90 grams of chicken breast (0 carbs), a quarter cup of red beans (6 carbs) and broccoli (1 carb) this time. Cro and I watched the next SyFy episode of Being Human and he downloaded the next web mini-episode of Becoming Human for us to watch soon. I think I feel asleep during the end of the Being Human episode. It wasn't all that anyway.

90g chicken, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

90g chicken, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

90g chicken, .25 cup red beans (hand for container size comparison)


  1. I'm glad you did the hand comparison, I have always pictured the containers as bigger because I had some that were a similar shape. Now I realize mine were much bigger.

  2. I love these little "snack size" containers ... I can fit them easily into my lunch tote with room to spare. I have a set of larger ones too but the little ones are my favorites (a small container makes the food seem more plentiful).


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