Wednesday, March 9, 2011

did I miss a meal?

stripes make me happy! good for texting too
My 87-year-old great-aunt would say this after waking up from a long nap (with a wry smile and a sparkle in her eye) "Did I miss a meal?". I miss that old lady's humour. :)

Yesterday was a mad mad day ... crazy busy ... crazy stress coming at me from several directions. And I'm back here at 6am for another dose. Maybe this wave of madness will break and wash over me, leaving me refreshed and renewed as the warm wind flicks off the salty seawater residue. I have a big imagination. I live nowhere near the sea.

As I packed up to go home last night I gathered my empty Tupperware containers and realized one was missing. Hmm. After a quick trip to the office fridge to retrieve my lunchbox I found it tucked inside, still full of the meal I hadn't even thought about. I was too busy and stressed to even realize I was missing a meal, lol. Ah well.

Once I got home I prepared meals for today and part of tomorrow. I was tired but still I needed to take care of the meals so I could grab and go this morning. Glad I did. :)

Critter is usually awake in the darkness of the morning so I greeted him quickly with a yogurt drop treat. He still hops up and down for those. Buddy cat wasn't awake yet. Yawn ... I hope today goes well. I know I worry too much and stress too much but I'm not sure how to face life in any other manner.

Maybe I should give Matt a call and see if he's up for a movie at his place soon. I haven't seen him since January I think. The weekend is always something to look forward to with Cro but it always goes by so quickly. I think we desperately need a worry-free vacation ...

Sorry about the duplicate breakfast pic. I forgot to take one last night but I had this same thing ... same proportions measured carefully though I had about twice as much cauliflower last night and not just the small, crispy black pieces shown in the pic from this morning. I packed all four of my meals with me to work so I wouldn't have to worry if I stay late again tonight.

90g chicken, .25 cup black soy beans, cauliflower

90g sirloin, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

90g chicken, .25 cup black soy beans, cauliflower

90g chicken, .25 cup black soy beans, cauliflower


  1. I think you need to commit some hellacious crime and get sent to prison; at least there, they'll only make you work 8 hours a day and let you go outside some. And maybe you'll get some time off for good behavior!

  2. hmm, it sounds as though you speak from experience. -_o


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