Sunday, March 13, 2011

imagined delights are often lackluster in reality

Donna asked how I feel eating this way so I'll make that the topic of my post today. This 4HB slow carb thing feels pretty marvelous.

After adding up the carbs and calories for a few days I know it's been consistently around 25-30 carbs per day and about 1200ish calories a day. That seems to work very well for me and eased my mind to know even with legumes I'm still low carb. My MS does so much better when I'm on low carb and so that's one thing that is unquestionably for life for me.

It's a bit of a hassle to measure and prepare meals ahead of time, and to try to eat 4 a day but it's also fun to use my new food scale and satisfying to have several meals stacked up and ready to grab and go.

I haven't had much trouble in the motivation department. It doesn't even seem to require motivation since things are so strict and so my mind doesn't even sweet talk itself with "oh, I'll have a piece of cheese now" or "oh, a Russel Stovers candy is sugar alcohols and so doesn't really count for much" like it did when I was on regular low carb.

My self-imposed removal of all diet soda was difficult at first but probably because it was self-imposed rather written in this diet plan. I do feel better when drinking loads of water and so that is something that I'm finding easier as I continue. No diet sodas for 4 weeks now other than one day a week.

Speaking of that one day a week ... Saturday, the cheat day. Saturday pops up in my thoughts a lot as I channel all desire for whatever delicious food others are enjoying all around me to thoughts of Saturday. Saturday I can have it if I really want it. Funny thing is that I haven't had a great appetite when Saturday comes around. I don't restrict any item but I often take a bite and don't want more or know it's there but think "I'll have some next Saturday" as I realize I don't want it right now.

I don't know if removing all artificial sweeteners, dairy, diet soda, and living on the same simple meals repeatedly is changing my taste buds. Imagined or not, sweet things have seemed over the top cloyingly sweet to me lately. That sort of flavor experience is not pleasant and so I don't have desire to waste any more of my stomach's limited capacity on whatever it was. :P

Little example story:
I bought two small bags of Quakes chips, one for myself and another for Cro, for Saturday. After trying one chip from the Kettle Corn flavor that I'd bought for myself it was so sweet that no, I didn't want it. I closed it and told Cro he was welcome to it if he liked it. After finding out that he didn't intend to eat his own bag (different flavor) I asked if he would mind if I ate it and replaced it on another shopping day. He didn't mind at all. Enthusiastically I opened the Cheddar Cheese Quakes bag and had one of those. Ick ... they weren't at all what I remembered them to be. I closed it up, exasperated. I then noticed some corn tortilla chips. I tried one from this leftover bag that Cro had bought earlier that week. Yum! Not sweet, not coated in artificial flavor dust, just crunchy, salty and good. I had a small bowl of those and was happy. The moral of this story is that all of those things I think will be sooo delicious and feel deprived because I couldn't have ... well often they are proving not be all that I'm imagining them to be.

90g sirloin, .25 red beans, broccoli

90g sirloin, .25 red beans, broccoli

20g bacon

90g sirloin, .25 cup red beans, cauliflower

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