Thursday, March 31, 2011

not so quiet

Here (work) a little later than usual today (7am) and am expecting a conference call from one of the writers to discuss final QA items that will require more bodycopy. I usually have the quiet of my mornings to myself and get lots done in that time. Work doesn't generally get done during meetings but they are still necessary.

I'm a pound below last week's weigh-in now with two more days before the next free day begins. :)

bacon (15g protein), black beans, brussels sprouts

30g chicken, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

bacon (10g protein), black beans, brussels sprouts



  1. A quiet day of alliteration
    with bacon, black beans and brussels.

  2. you said it sister. I was going to match your comment with a reply in assonance but couldn't think of enough matching vowels (and am sooo ready to gooo hoooome). :)

  3. Wow, girl. You are rocking the weight loss! The chemistry must really be kicking in for you!

    I love bacon, so I love the pictures of bacon. YUM!

  4. It's fun when things are actually working. A pound a week is slow, but there is so much more about this plan that I like, including that I haven't stalled *knock on wood*.

    I think the smell of bacon is the universal yum. Even people who don't eat it seem to like the smell.


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