Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm back to last Saturday morning's weight and it's only Tuesday. That gives me 4 days to come up with at least another pound lost ... I'm pretty sure that will happen. I'll try not to be greedy and get my hopes up on more but it's week 7 of 4HB-slow-carb and things are looking good. Saturday can't get here fast enough and I don't just say that because of the diet free day, there is a daunting amount of work to sort out and complete before the end of this week and Saturday means that (hopefully) most of will be finished.

I'm so ready for retirement (if only I had retirement savings). No I'm not near old enough but I am stressed enough. Stress is the Kryptonite of the corporate world ... and it's everywhere.

Hmm, what's the antidote to the effects of Kryptonite? Maybe more water.

Speaking of water, I haven't yet allowed myself that one diet soda I was going to have each evening. I couldn't bring myself to toy with the week before I shed the free day weight. Now that I have, maybe I will have a diet soda tomorrow. I don't know ... maybe not. Diet soda (with Splenda) is part of what makes the free day something to look forward to. That and the absence of Kyptonite.

60g chicken, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

60g chicken, .25 cup red beans, 5 brussels sprouts

60g chicken, .25 cup red beans, 5 brussels sprouts


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  1. Lead protects Superman from Kryptonite, so maybe you should coat yourself in it to ward off the stress. I know, I know... I'm full of great ideas. GET BACK TO WORK!


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