Thursday, March 10, 2011

pop goes the weasel

Whoa, it's 6am and I'm sitting at my desk at work again. I also just ate bacon (no beans, no veggy) for breakfast since I'm out of beans and out of broccoli. Hmm, but I DO have all those frozen brussels sprouts in the freezer. I'm sure I'll figure out something for tomorrow's meals but I don't have time to think about it right now.

Watching Russel break down after he lost his chance to stay in the game was disturbing. I know lots of people must have laughed to see his ego so quickly deflated. I didn't laugh ... I just felt empathy for him. It must suck to think you are invincible and be proven wrong. Maybe in that lies the true meaning of the lyrics "pop goes the weasel".

Oh, and I've lost another pound. So including the 5lb gain from last Saturday's prescribed 4HB cheat day, that's a 6lb loss ... the cool thing is that it's Thursday and I'm already a pound below last week's total.

Meals for today:

60g bacon

90g chicken, .25 cup black soy beans, cauliflower

90g chicken, .25 cup black soy beans, cauliflower

(no dinner. I didn't feel like eating this late.)


  1. We missed last week's episode, so I was shocked to find out that Russell's team threw the challenge to try to get rid of him. I feel for Russell, he's been in what 3 seasons in a row? This game has become his life and he's never been voted out. It must have been such a huge shock.

  2. I felt bad for him too and just bad in general. It was a very feel-bad moment. Sort of like watching someone who's dog just died. I'm sure that it was a huge blow to his confidence for a moment. I'm also sure that he was recovering his self esteem quickly as he tried to spin things to claim a win if the info he armed the other team with causes them to defeat Rob's team. :) I need that type of fearlessness and unwavering belief in self! Well maybe not to the Russel extreme, lol.


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