Monday, March 28, 2011

Rules girl

Cro begins this 4HB slow-carb diet next week. I'm excited to have the company and hope he ends up liking it as much as I do. I think the strictness of this fits my personality pretty well. I don't know how to explain that other than to say if the rules are too loose I'll find a way to slip into a loophole ... not purposefully. No one purposefully sabotages themselves.

Out of routine and time things will start to slip. On low carb I was allowed cheese and knew the number of carbs that should keep me in ketosis if I remained under. Over time the percentage of my carbs from dairy crept up, up, up. I already knew I had a bit of intolerance to dairy. This 4HB slow-carb diet (the way I have it scribbled in my head) doesn't leave enough slack in the rope for me to wiggle out.

Here are the rules that are scribbled in my head (but read the book if you want the actual rules so you can do your own scribbling).

• Don't drink calories
• Drink at least 16oz water beginning with each meal
• Take garlic, green tea, alpha lipoic acid supplements with each meal
• Eat the first meal within an hour of waking
• Eat 4 meals per day, 3-4 hours apart
• Each meal should consist of
     : 60-90grams of one simple protein (no sauces but spices are okay)
     : up to .25 cup of legumes
     : cruciferous vegetables
• Eat the same 4 or 5 simple meals repeatedly
• Take one day off per week (12 hour "free day")

My own additions:
• Carbs per day: 25-30
• Calories per day: 1,100-1,350

60g chicken, less than .25 cup red beans, broccoli

60g chicken, less than .25 cup red beans, brussels sprouts

60g chicken, less than .25 cup red beans, broccoli

60g chicken, less than .25 cup red beans, brussels sprouts


  1. I do better with some hard-and-fast rules, too. Too much ambiguity in my plan leads to too much freewheeling and too little success on the scale.

    Just hopped back on the wagon after a disasterous biz trip and this time I'm moving to the center and strapping on my seat belt.

  2. ew, business doesn't often mix easily with strict diets. Plan ahead and keep your mouth shut (um, I think that's just for motorcycle-riding ... bugs-in-teeth prevention you know). But planning ahead is always a great idea.


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