Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sea Change

I've found over the last six weeks that the strictness of eating on six of my days in a row effects a change in taste on that seventh unrestricted day. My six day are without the taste of sweet, not even artificial, not even diet soda. On that seventh day I've noticed a growing intolerance for sweet. Yesterday the prospect of having something overly sweet was a huge turn-off. That's both disturbing to me and a revelation. Although I'll probably continue to call it "cheat day" for awhile, just because the other people doing 4HB will recognize what that means, this is evolving into something else for me. It's no longer the day to indulge but rather a day to not worry about when to eat or what to eat. In my head I'm thinking of it as Free Day.

On the six strict days I'm not allowed fruit. Yesterday apples and strawberries had more appeal to me than candy (I did have one caramel-filled Hershey's kiss, sort of ... I spit it back out after the taste hit me). Yesterday I craved roasted broccoli but I wanted to save it for one of the strict days. Things are changing and although I was allowed to have my diet soda, I still wanted water. I had two diet sodas during the day but ordered water on our date meal and drank at least three additional 16oz glasses of water during the day as well.

Observations ... but interesting to me.

54g pork, less than .25 cup black beans, broccoli


I missed a meal. grrr ... I'm sorry metabolism!

60g chicken, less then .25 cup red beans, broccoli

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  1. I woke up the other day and couldn't stand Monster drinks. Which I bought a case of for my trips....funny how we all go along our path together or not at all!


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