Wednesday, March 16, 2011

shades of slow

Did a bit of online research (I am a Google spy) on plumbers and scheduled one to fix a clogged kitchen sink that Cro and I have been battling for a couple of weeks. It has gone from a slow drain to having standing water when I checked on it this morning. The plumber gave a guestimate of $85 so that will be well worth not having to worry about it further. It also means that I will have to enforce my leaving work on time tomorrow.

I bought new batteries for my bathroom scale and it claims that I'm right at what I weighed last Saturday morning. That is GREAT news. That means I've totally lost all of last Saturday's cheat day gain and there are three more possible weight loss days before the next one. Slow-carb seems to be slowing working for me thus far.

Today I brought the last two meals I had prepared earlier this week.  I don't want to dirty any pans until we have a usable sink again so tonight and tomorrow it's either bacon or canned tuna to go with my canned beans. It will just be one day to survive. Not a problem. Since it's the same simple meals over and over Sunday-Friday, the only benefit to eating is to quiet a growling stomach. Strangely, I'm liking that ... and looking forward to Saturday.

90g sirloin, .25 cup red beans, cauliflower

bacon (30g  protein)

90g sirloin, .25 cup red beans, cauliflower
bacon (20g  protein)


  1. I'm impressed at how dedicated you've been on 4HB. With 3 more days to go, it looks like you will be rewarded with a loss!

  2. Thank you Grace! I'm really hoping for a little loss but I guess I'll know in 3 days. :)

    Your comment made me smile because I know I do better when the rules are too strict for wiggle room ... I guess I'm stubborn and like the challenge of it. Maybe that's why I've also continued this "no diet soda" thing for so long. I keep saying each week that maybe I'll allow one diet soda per day next week ... next week comes and goes and I only drink water until the cheat day. lol

    I hope your and your hub see things get back to normal soon! How is he feeling?


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