Wednesday, March 30, 2011

snuffed out

Here I am again at work. Cro and I have been watching the entire first season of the Flash Forward television series over the last couple of weeks. Awesome series! After watching the first season finale we searched for season two but were disappointed to learn that it had been cancelled. Boo. I don't understand why it fared so poorly. I guess I'll have to watch the last few moments again because there were snippets of "flash forward" premonitions that would have played out in season 2 if it had continued. Then I guess I have to accept that it's over and find something else to watch before going to sleep. Survivor is on tonight so I guess that will do ... with Russel being cut so early in the show it feels lacking to me.

It's snowing!?! How can this be? The world is coming to an end. Traffic is going to be snarly. Oh well, I need to work late tonight anyway.


60g chicken, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

30g ham, .25 cup black beans, 5 brussels sprouts

5pm (work is messing with my diet schedule)
broccoli & brussels sprouts

bacon (10g protein)


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