Saturday, March 12, 2011


I feel like crud today ... but at least it's the weekend. Too much work stress last week.

4HB track record:

Recorded Saturday Feb 19, 2011
Last cheat day gain: +2 pounds
Week1 weight loss: -6 pounds

Recorded Saturday Feb 26, 2011
Week2 weight loss: -1 pounds

Recorded Saturday March 05, 2011
Week3 weight loss: -.5 pounds

Recorded Saturday March 12, 2011
Week4 weight loss: 2 pounds

TOTAL loss so far: -7.5 pounds


  1. 7.5 lbs is awesome! How do you feel eating this way. Even though you feel like crude. Hope you didn't catch my cold via the interwebs. :P

  2. I'm delighted with your weight loss progress. I started on Feb 3, and have lost a total of 9 pounds.

    Keep up the great work, and if you have time, Read my blog. Its funny today ! take care !

  3. Thanks Donna. :) It's not a cold, it was stress and fatigue from last week ... I'm feeling much better today and ready to begin the stress-fest all over again bright and early tomorrow. Hopefully things will calm down a bit as next week progresses.

    Thanks buyoubabe. Grats on your loss as well.


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