Thursday, March 24, 2011

x-acto café

I'll have to cook again tonight. None of the meals I've brought today include beans but I didn't notice until it was time to leave for work. I guess it's a day sans-beans.

I'm hovering at half a pound above last Saturday's weight. I know I'll surely make it by Saturday morning but as usual I'm hoping for a bit below that. Two days until week six results. Making it cleanly through week six without deviating one bit and without diet soda will also be a happy achievement. Next week I'm allowing one diet soda with splenda back in. Still loads of water of course. I'll also reduce the "cheat" next Saturday to hopefully speed things up a little. Careful and slow changes ... no big leaps or changes of direction. I don't want to jinx what seems to be working.

I photographed my breakfast in front of the large "diners" wall art in our office break room / spray-mount and matting area (The X-acto Café). I like the Davie's chuck wagon sign the most I think.

Work today will consist of finishing a Flash banner advertisement of a water ride at an amusement park. Sort of fun to make. Later there will be much review and revision to a website which is due to launch next week. And lastly a big internal meeting about said website revision and having the whole team chip in to get'er done before launch date.

3 slices bacon, broccoli

2 slices bacon, broccoli, ninja men

2 slices bacon, broccoli, Curious George

90g sirloin, .25 cup black beans, broccoli


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