Monday, March 7, 2011


Cro says that beginning April 1st, he wants to go on this 4HB slowcarb thing with me. He read the book and thinks it's interesting. I'm so excited! Since Cro used to be a bodybuilder I know he has a lot of knowledge regarding how the body works ... which is why I sought his advice before I decided to try it in the first place. His encouragement is also why I'm bolstered to give it a fair chance and not ditch it only 3 weeks in. I know I've added an additional hurdle by also giving up diet soda and all sweeteners during the week, but that's how I roll. I nearly caved and had diet ginger ale last night after seeing someone on television drinking ginger ale ... lol. I didn't ... makes muscle (superwoman music plays).

I set the microwave on fire this morning ... twice. Because (following 4HB rules) I'm suppose to eat within an hour of waking up I've been taking a bite of whatever I'm having as my first meal before I hit the road to work and having the rest of that meal after I finish the drive.

To do this I have to microwave one bite of food ... I guess I could eat it cold but ick. So this morning, as usual, I put one bite onto a paper towel and nuked it for a few seconds ...  ZZAAAPPPPPZZZ fire! Oh no. I opened the door and the entire paper towel was going up in flames. I patted it out and thought "weird". It was as though I'd put aluminum foil in there ... but I didn't.

So I carefully put a bit of pork and two red beans onto a new paper towel. This time it burst into flame after being in the microwave for only 3 seconds. Grrr. I was ready to put it out faster this time though. The bite of food wasn't even hot but I ate it and left for work anyway.


60g pork shoulder, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

90g sirloin, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

90g sirloin, .25 cup red beans, broccoli



  1. I know from bitter experience that microwaves and paper towels do not mix! Would also recommend not trying to microwave 'boil' an egg in its shell either...

  2. I've heard about the not boiling egg in it's shell in the microwave tip ... If I hadn't I might have fallen victim to that already! Doh. Guess I need to buy "Kitchen Safety for Dummies". Did I tell you about the exploding Pyrex container of boiling water? That was a disaster.

  3. Tell us about the exploding Pyrex container! We want to know! :-)

    I had a Diet Dr Pepper last night, my first since starting 4HB. I did announce it to Hub in advances, to make it seem more deliberate, therefore I didn't feel like I was sneaking it. Of all things to sneak! Not candy or ice cream, etc. lol.

    I'm glad your hub is going to do 4HB with you. It really makes it easier if you are both on it.

    Thanks for your comments about the crock pot chicken and my hub's surgery.

  4. I'm sure I had to have blogged about that exploding Pyrex bowl but from memory, here's what happened. I heated water in the glass bowl on stovetop (which I now know is a no-no!) when suddenly BOOM!!!!!!!!!. Shards of glass everywhere. I continued to "find" tiny bits of glass for weeks with the bottom of bare feet. Just when I thought I'd swept and mopped it all away, yow! Cro had to help me tweezer glass out of my foot at least twice.


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