Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bullies aren't always kids

The Syfy channel version of Being Human is becoming more interesting. I prefer the BBC version but it's between seasons and nothing better was on. They've changed the story a bit, which was annoying at first in the manner that movie adaptations of novels annoy me if they don't hold to the letter. The changes add just enough intrigue that it feels like an alternate universe version. Things might go in a completely different direction.

Top Shot is on tonight but that one will likely go to DVR (it comes on at my bedtime and I'm sleep-deprived enough as it is). We'll watch it but I'll probably fall asleep before it's over.

After work yesterday I was standing in the grocery store quickly texting Cro to find out which flavors of G2 he would like when a grumpy older lady halfway down the aisle growled "Excuse me". I turned, looked and moved my cart well out of the way. When she got up to me she once again growled, in a much harsher tone this time, "I said EXCUSE ME". I turned to her thinking I was in the way and said "I'm sorry, am I in your way?". She said "No, you aren't in my way but people normally respond when someone says excuse me." She was so full of righteous anger that it was sort of funny. I said pleasantly "I apologize ... I'm very sorry". To that she walked away saying "It's okay, you're young."

Now what the hell? Generally when someone says "excuse me" I move out of their way, not strike up a conversation. Perhaps she was on edge because I was standing in the store texting? I don't know, maybe I was supposed to stop what I was doing and curtsy as she passed. What a bully. At least she called me young. :P

90g sirloin (19.83 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)

90g chicken (27.9 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)

bacon (20 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)


  1. Rock around the clock with that protein!
    That's funny - that poor lady in the store!
    "Well, ecxuuuuuuiuuuuse me!" Steve Martin style!

  2. She's lucky that I'm mostly nice and didn't growl back despite wanting to. No idea what she was "excuse me"ing about since she admitted that I was not in her way. :P


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