Friday, April 22, 2011

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Taking so many supplements is expensive. I may have to reduce them to twice a day rather than after every one of these 4 small meals. I don't know if that will slow the weight loss. It's something to monitor.

This week seemed to fly by ... but I may be speaking too soon since it's not yet finished. The portion of the next project I have to present to client next Friday is nearing completion. For once there seems to be plenty of time for internal review and revision. Why do I feel like I'm jinxing things with this positivity? :P
Week10 4HB slow-carb Postmortem:
  • averaged 19.95 grams of protein per meal - good
  • averaged 15.75 carbs per day - good
  • ate within an hour of waking - good
  • still doing well with lower sodium intake - good
  • still no diet sodas - good
  • drank at least 20 oz water per meal - good
  • out of alpha lipoic acid again - hmm, get more!
  • refrained from eating beans in favor of extra veggies for 3 days this week - watch that this doesn't become a bad habit
I'm down another lb today but am a little worried that I'm creeping toward changing too many things at once (leaving out beans and considering reducing my supplement intake to save money). So though I know I've had a positive week I need to check myself. I've heard that when on a long journey it's important to check the compass often due to the tendency to walk in a big circle without even knowing you are off track.

That's an apt analogy for dieting too and it has definitely happened before to the tune of nearly a 45lb regain over the past year and a half. That's scary and sad considering I was still on this low-carb diet the entire time. I was under 175 and getting so close to goal. Small lax behavior changes combined with denial and body dismorphia (not seeing reality when I look in the mirror) can play havoc with the best diet plan. There was nothing wrong with the numbers I diligently recorded, the fail lived between the numbers. Too much cheese, too many tree nuts, having Atkins low-carb treats every day, letting the numbers creep up to the high range of low carb (my high limit is 35 carbs). I was using the equivalent of jet fuel when my body is an economy-size, fuel-efficient coup (I'm a 5'3" shorty).

Out of shame for the gain I've been detailing my weight loss without referring to my actual weight, wishing the day would get here when I catch up to where I left off and can resume with my head held high. *sigh* That's just my personality. I don't like to reveal failure. But that's part of being in this community – giving and accepting. So here it is. I'm 209 now.

After 10 weeks of this strict diet I can confidently say I'm on the right track again. One positive note regarding the whole thing is that I can look back and see how things went wrong. I'm hyper-aware in order for such a thing to not happen again. My food choices are too simple to mess up, I'm measuring everything to ensure proper portion-size, and packaging it ahead of time. A few other good changes have happened like dropping diet soda to one day a week and upping my water consumption. No, 4HB is probably not a sustainable plan for life, but low-carb certainly is and I haven't stopped low-carb during this whole thing. The lessons I'm learning from this 4HB experiment will be things I can keep even after.

My meals total 79.49 protein and 10.5 carbs for the entire day.

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

 bacon (20g protein)


  1. Yes, low carb IS a sustainable way of life, and undoubtedly what our bodies were made to accept as food... Well, that is what I think anyway :)

  2. I feel the same way. Low carb is definitely one the best things I've ever done for my body. Over three years low-carb so far for me.


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