Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week10 free day recap

We are back from our date at Istanbul Café and it was so much fun! I shyly asked the waiter if he spoke Turkish to which he said yes. :) I then said hello in Turkish (thanks to shezug) and asked if that was right, lol. He perked up and was super excited that I'd greated him in his own language. I told him that I have a friend whose husband is from Turkey and he said "here?". I said no and told him where but he was still intrigued and so friendly. Later, after trying Raki (loved it!) and Feta Borek (also love) I told him thank you in Turkish. He chuckled and said "You're very good". Then he said something I didn't completely catch but it had the "thank you" words in the middle. He caught my interested look and explained that he was saying something like "I thank you also". A usual reply I think.

We then got a mixed grill of kebabs – half portions of Doner, Lamb Shish, Chicken and Adana Kebabs served with Basmati rice and sautéed vegetables. Also warm, soft pita bread. Cro and I both chose the chicken marinated in house sauce as our favorite, but everything was very very good. We had loads of leftovers to pack up, the serving size was enormous and could have fed four hungry people.

For dessert I told the server we were torn on which to pick. He emphatically suggested chocolate pistachio cake, saying that they make everything from scratch and use European chocolate. "None of that Hershey's stuff" were his words. We shared a piece and found it was not over-the-top sweet but rather just right and so delicious.

Ok, turn away if you don't want to see the delicious photos. I also did a review on for Indianapolis if you want to check it out.
 Free day:
appetizers of feta borek and calamari. my Raki drink is also shown.

we shared the mixed grill kebabs with veggies and rice
we also shared this sliced of chocolate pistachio cake


  1. Wow, that cake is really three layers, isn't it? :) That food looks absolutely divine.

  2. It was very very good. :) Perfect end to a perfect meal. It was even more special since the server seemed so proud that they make it from scratch rather than buying frozen. :9


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