Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lineage & cheat day discussions & stuff

cherry blossoms in our backyard
All of the trees in my backyard are blooming and I'm down to only 1 pound above last Saturday. The weather is soggy ... rain and slightly cool. But I suppose the trees like the sog and maybe the sun will peep out sometime in the next few days even though it isn't forecast to do so. Peeps! It's almost Easter weekend. Beware of creepy Easter Bunnies.

Critter was loudly exuberant on his saucer wheel last night and I made effort to quiet his marathon when I heard Cro starting to be disturbed. I doubt Cro will remember tossing and turning.  I removed the wheel and gave Critter a yogurt drop treat in recompense – promising to return his wheel in a few hours, which I did. I'll take the wheel apart for a good wash when I get home tonight and maybe it won't be so noisy in future. I love that he's active in the dark of the night. It's soothing for me to hear all of my guys: Cro breathing, Buddy-cat snoring, Critter running on his wheel. Home-sweet-home.

Last night I read some point-counterpoint arguments regarding the benefits and-or downfalls of including a planned diet "cheat day". It seems that many people – including body-builders – who are approving of the cheat day note it's benefit toward keeping metabolism from slowing.

Negative arguments warn of higher risk for the cheat to become the norm or to turn into dangerous binge behavior that carries on outside of the planned day. I absolutely understand it is a real risk for some people. I have no fear of that happening with my own personal situation. When I slip it's things like small increases in portion size or over-using foods that are legal (such as cheese). For me cheese and nuts – although low-carb – should be "sometimes foods" rather than part of my daily diet.

In regards to the planned cheat day I have the same opinion as before I read the articles. Diets have to be tailored to the person. Not everything works for everyone. The concept of a cheat day is controversial. I've already been making small modifications to make a better fit for "me".

I don't know if I mentioned it but I found more of my lineage on ancestry.com. It takes a while before I will add someone to the tree because I need to cross reference things in order not to go down a false trail. This is grandma's line so far:

x6 great grandfather Samuel Scott (born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1680)
x5 great grandfather John Scott
x4 great grandfather Jesse Scott 1779-1843 (first of the line who was born American)
x3 great grandfather Noah Scott
x2 great grandfather Jonathan Scott
great grandfather Elmer Scott
Sally Mabel Alice Scott (grandma) married Maxwell Robbins (grandpa)
Scott Robbins (dad)
Tracy Robbins (me)

Today's Meals total 80grams of protein and 22 carbs:
  • 7am
    85grams of skinless, boneless chicken breast (20 protein)
    1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
    broccoli (2 carbs)
  • 11am
    85grams of skinless, boneless chicken breast (20 protein)
    1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
    broccoli (2 carbs)
  • 4pm
    85grams of skinless, boneless chicken breast (20 protein)
    1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
    broccoli (2 carbs)
  • 7pm
    bacon (20 protein)
    two servings of broccoli (4 carbs)
Once again the first three meals are measured to be exactly the same so I'm only uploading one pic for size reference.


  1. The satisfying sounds of a sleeping house are the best sounds on earth.

  2. I agree so much that diets need to be tailored to the individual. I find I'm using a bit more dairy than is recommended, but that gives me "food satisfaction" and helps me stay away from other non-permitted foods.

    Loved your story about your Critter. Made me smile. I too love to lie in bed and know my dog and hub are both by my side, both softly snoring. :-)


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