Monday, April 11, 2011

long line

I arrived at work this morning to find our programmer here. He had been working since yesterday morning. At 8 my creative director walked in (that's an hour earlier than his normal arrival time). It must be a super busy morning for lots of people. It's a relaxed morning for me so far. The big deadlined project was launched last week and my next project design isn't due to be presented until the 20th. Yes I'm busy, but nothing crazy.

So begins week nine of 4HB slow carb.

I brought in an unused box of s'mores flavor Pop-Tarts for the guys. It was a free day reject. Cro doesn't like s'mores and although I do, I don't like them as Pop-Tarts.

I added some of my family history to but haven't paid for a subscription yet. It will take at least another weekend to enter my family history. There is no rush since that part of the service (adding information that is already known) is free. Potentially someone else will find that they tie in and add info that I don't have. It will be cool to see census, birth, death and military records if those things are available. Seeing the actual handwriting will be especially interesting. Like touching the past.

One side of my dad's family (grandma's side) emigrated from Scotland in the very early 1800's and the other side (grandpa's side) originates in Germany. I have my grandfather's side (the German side) recorded up to my 4x great grandfather Martin Robbins so far and haven't even started on grandma's side. I don't know much about mom's family but maybe I'll find out more.

Dad's paternal line:

(no son ... just me)

90g chicken (27.9 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)

90g chicken (27.9 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)

90g chicken (27.9 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)

90g chicken (27.9 protein), 1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs), broccoli 2 carbs)


  1. I've been thinking about doing the charts for my family since I started watching who do you think you are?

    My sister researched our Native American heritage a few years ago and her findings were really interesting.

    I hope your work week is nice and mellow.

    PS. Cro should start a blog to record his diet results!

  2. I love watching "Who Do You Think You Are". That show is responsible for my checking into

    It's very cool that your sister has been able to research your Native American heritage. Which tribe? Cro's adopted grandfather who left him 300 acres of North Carolina swampland was Cherokee. John Twintoes.

    I'm lucky that both my grandma and dad were heavily interested in our family history. Grandma recorded everything that she could with details down to the cemetery if it was known. I'll be happy to add what information I can find to her already extensive notes.

    I've suggested to Cro that he keep a diet blog but it just isn't his thing. ;)

  3. Now, is this SloCarb a new trend? An experiment? A stall-breaker?
    Or a deal-breaker?
    Do you like it? Has it helped with your goals?
    Nosey - I mean - inquiring minds want to know!

  4. I heard about it when it was a new trend in diets and became intrigued. The author seems to be a nut and yet much of the things he says makes sense.

    When Cro became interested as well I had to give it a try. Recently Cro decided to try it too.

    It is slowly working and I like it lots.

    So far I haven't been forced into an awkward situation where I had to either not eat or eat a small amount of disallowed foods. (I'm thinking about my visits to Matt and how he always makes a patter of strawberries, cheese and nuts because he knows I low carb. I'd have to eat a little when that happens because how sweet is a friend like that? :)

    I'd say it's still on trial. I'm happy as long as it seems to be working but have also adjusted back to 20-carbs per day 6 days a week.

    I have been very patient with this trial and am giving it a very good run (and a super strict one).


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