Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh yum?

I am super sleepy this morning and am not sure why. Cro didn't get home from work until after 10 last night. :( Maybe we'll win the lottery this week and he can retire and do his own thing. Cro-Creations. wood turnings, metal sculpture, whatever he can bring to life from his imagination. :)

It's my turn to pick our Saturday date restaurant and I was thinking about a place called "Oh Yumm! Bistro". The name packs a promise but after reading a few bad online reviews I think I'll make a different pick.

Meals today are same-same. Each meal consists of 60 grams of beef and pork which equals 20ish grams of protein, a quarter cup of red beans which is 6 carbs, and a 2 carb serving of broccoli.

 For the day that equals: 80g protein and 32 carbs.

sirloin (20g protein), red beans (6 carbs), broccoli (2 carbs)

sirloin (20g protein), red beans (6 carbs), broccoli (2 carbs)

sirloin (20g protein), red beans (6 carbs), broccoli (2 carbs)



  1. Do you go to a different restaurant every weekend? I'm trying to go to a different one each weekend, but dear dear Hezug has a love affair with Red Lobster that won't quit. :(

  2. We take turns picking the restaurant. This week it's my turn. We got stuck in a steakhouse rut for a while but it's still one of our favs. We even miss our regular server and make sure to go back every few weeks so we can chat. This weekend I think we will try Bravo. Italian! Cro loves the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster but there isn't one near us and we don't find it worth a long drive.


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