Friday, April 29, 2011

pinchy shoes day

Down another pound so I'm right at last Saturday's weight now. Will I lose another one by tomorrow? Time will tell I suppose.

The CHECK ENGINE light came on early in my drive to work. Nothing seemed amiss other than the light so I continued on to work rather than returning home. I hope nothing serious is wrong with the Jeep. It's paid off and I don't need a new car payment in this economy. :( At least it's Friday so maybe I can get it into a shop tonight and hopefully it will be fixed before the next work week begins. *sigh* Poor Jeep.

I will be leading a client presentation of my project later today. I hope they like the work. I'm wearing the pinchy shoes and a suit that makes me feel lost in my own clothes. Shoulder pads? Really? Why do fancy clothes come with artificial pads ... I have enough padding on my own.

Last night I listened to Jimmy Moore's podcast interview of Tim Ferris (the 4HB author). It was cool to hear him drop a few more hints regarding why this thing works. I picked up on a couple of things that might increase the effectiveness even more: putting ice cubes in my 20oz glass of water first thing in the morning and eat 30g of protein within a HALF HOUR of waking. Grrr. That last one makes my getting to work time even more crunched. Luckily I had a pack of microwave-ready bacon that I could dip into. Quick to prepare protein. I wonder if 30g is just the ballpark number. Since I'm a girl and a shorty I had 20g within 30 minutes of waking and had the other 10g once I got to work. I also plopped ice cubes in that first glass of water. The bacon was hot so I don't know if I should eat it cold next time. Whateva ... learning.

Today's meals total 89.49 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 10.5 carbs 

6am - 7am
bacon (30g protein)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)


  1. I'm have to see if I can find that podcast.

    My way of getting in 30g of protein is a protein shake (I use egg protein) with almond milk and lots of ice. Takes 30 seconds to make, and a minute to drink with a straw. I use one of those blender bottles with the metal ball in the bottom, rather than dirty up a blender.

    That shake is really the only thing I can stomach that early. I have trouble drinking plain water and taking pills first thing in the a.m. (makes me want to barf), so I take the supplements with the shake. Helps me get them down and gets me my protein at the same time.

    Something seems to be working, cuz even after that big cheat on Sunday, I'm down another pound from last week.

    P.S. You look nice for your presentation, but I think your suit is too big on you!

  2. I linked the podcast for you in my blog post. A protein shake would be a good way to get ice worked into breakfast too. Maybe I'll look for some egg protein soon (what brand do you use?). I've been staying away from protein shakes since he said that whey protein might cause problems ... though I don't remember what exactly he said. Also I've been doing no sweeteners during the week, but I really doubt stevia would cause a stall.

    Grats on your pound lost. And thanks for saying I look nice in the suit. I was swimming in it but better than it being too tight.

  3. The brand is Healthy n Fit, and it is pure egg protein. No whey, or soy. It does have a little stevia for sweetener, but is really not very sweet. It really agrees with me, and keeps me full for at least 3 hours. I get mine at VitaminShoppe, but it is readily available on line.

  4. P.S. Thanks for the link to the podcast!

  5. Thanks Grace, I will check it out soon. A protein shake would make this eating first thing in the morning much easier.

  6. Dong it - you look nice all dressed up.
    I hope you don't mind having to dress up.
    It's very "girlie!"
    Good on ya!


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