Friday, April 8, 2011


A little depressed today. Or maybe it's just the lack of feeling optimistic regarding the scale. I'm still 2 pounds above last Saturday and am feeling doubts regarding whether I will lose anything at all this week. I may even end up with some of this gain still on record.

I'm hoping it is mostly due to too much sodium but I also know that my eating times have been slipping due to work. My last meal of the day has become just broccoli for several days and that is no one's fault except my own.

Now is the time to tighten up to the rules and not let this throw me off my stride. In the past I've reacted quite knee-jerk and doubted my methods to the point of likely throwing myself into that baffling "starvation mode" resulting from not consuming enough calories. Eating too little results in my body counter-reacting and my metabolism slowing.

I'm not going to eat less this time. I'm going to ride it through because I know there are no hidden culprits. That's the nice thing about all of these simple, similar meals. There is no need to cast a villain at this point. I'll stay the course while double checking that I'm not straying from the path.

In the name of checking and not straying from the path I've decided to begin recording a postmortem (review of events after completion). Perhaps this will help curtail any issues early. This will likely become an end-of-week thing but I'm starting it today because it is on my mind.

Yesterday's postmortem:
  • 75 grams of protein for the day
  • 32 total carbs for the day
  • did not eat within an hour of waking
    Eat a bite of breakfast before I leave and finish the rest once I get to work
  • last meal of the day wasn't ideal with two types of protein
    The rules are simple. Follow them.
  • too much sea salt
    Stop and think.
  • too much stress but I'm getting better at dealing with it
    Let it be water over a duck's back, baby.
  • still no diet soda

  • still drinking at least 20 oz water per meal
  • still out of green tea supplements
    Buy some TONIGHT!
  • still up 2 pounds
    Tighten up to the rules and don't knee-jerk and alter course

Reminder of the rules:
  • 20-30 grams of 1 type of protein per meal
    This equals about 60-90 grams of meat but varies per type of meat so look it up on
  • .25 cup legumes per meal
    Limitation of amount is a personal rule to remain low carb
  • cruciferous veggies per meal
    can be more than one type
  • 20oz water per meal
  • eat within an hour of waking
  • eat four meals per day, 3-4 hours apart
  • no sauces
    spices are okay
  • take a garlic, green tea and alpha lipoic acid supplement with each meal
  • make one day a week free of rules

90g chicken (27.9 protein), .25 cup red beans (6 carbs), broccoli (2 carbs)

60g chicken (18.6 protein), .25 cup red beans (6 carbs) , broccoli (2 carbs)

60g chicken (18.6 protein), .25 cup red beans (6 carbs) , broccoli (2 carbs)

60g chicken (18.6 protein), .25 cup red beans (6 carbs) , broccoli (2 carbs)


  1. It's great when you can break it down like that and figure it out.
    And you are a wonderful writer - by the way!

  2. Thank you Anne! Knowing where I stand usually is the best way to avoid falling in a ditch. :) Usually. I've fallen in a ditch plenty of times ... not always metaphorically, lol. clumsy --> me

  3. I think your meat to protein ratio is off. It's more like 4:1 than 3:1 that you are using. So, to get 20-30g of protein you'd actually need to eat 80-120g of actual meat. It changes from one sort of meat and can even get higher with some sorts, especially the fattier cuts. You can check it on like chicken breast for example: that's just 17g of protein in 100g of roasted chicken.
    Just thought I'd mention this in case it's causing your stall.

  4. Thanks Floriana. After a frustrating few minutes trying to make it easy on myself Cro took pity on me and said I could just guestimate it at about 3:1 even though each meat is going to be different.

    I'll take your advice and just look up the meats that I have been eating. It can't take too long when I'm mostly eating the same meats repetedly. :) With more accurate protein counts maybe that will help. Thanks again for pointing this out. It's so easy to have tunnel vision regarding things like that.


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