Friday, April 1, 2011

fly-by post

Way busy but I'm taking a moment to make a quick post. The weekend is almost here! I may need to come back in to work Sunday (depending on how much is left to do when I leave tonight) but Saturday is mine. On Saturday I will do my best to shove this project right out of my head. And it's free day! And since I'm already a pound less than last week I still have one day to hope for two.

Wow, the day is flying.

Okay, another quick update during this flying-by Friday. Most everyone at work decided to go next door to Scotty's Brewhouse for lunch and asked if I was coming along. I had an internal struggle with both needing to be diligent regarding this project by making a call to another one of our writers who is involved ... and struggling with wanting to show sorority and be a part of the gang going to lunch. So I started to dial my writer to tell her that I would call in an hour to discuss the project and suddenly we were full in he middle of discussing the project. Then my cell started ringing. At a quick glance I could see it was one of the guys who had gone to Scotty's. So with the work phone at one ear I pardoned myself for a sec to answer the other phone. I must have looked very diligent working and talking on my office phone and my cell at the same time. Or crazy ... that's why conference calls became popular I suppose.

Anyway, I told them to continue without me, I'd already eaten lunch anyway and was just going to have a diet coke water.

And the work day continues.
bacon (10g protein), .25 cup red beans, brussels sprouts&broccoli

bacon (10g protein), .25 cup red beans, brussels sprouts&broccoli

bacon (10g protein), .25 cup red beans, brussels sprouts&broccoli

7pm (maybe later)
It was too late to eat.


  1. I'm going in this weekend too. Tomorrow, just for a wee bit.

  2. we work too much ... but I think we both love our jobs, just not the stress!

  3. You're right, I love my job so much.


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