Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week11 4HB slow carb numbers

No loss for me on this, my 11th week of 4HB slow-carb. Cro has lost 1.6 for a total of 16.6 pounds lost in 4 weeks. I'm going to go a little extra easy on my free day today. I'll still boost the food in the spirit of keeping my metabolism moving but it's disheartening not to see a loss. Ah well, I'm sticking with it.

Matt, John and one other friend are coming to our office party next week! I'm more excited knowing that friends are going to be there along with all of the clients, prospects and co-workers.
4HB track record: -13 pounds TOTAL loss so far

Week11: no loss
Saturday April 30, 2011
Week10: -1 pound
Saturday April 23, 2011
Week9: -1 pound
Saturday April 16, 2011
Week8: +1 pound
Saturday April 9, 2011

Week7: -2 pounds
Saturday April 2, 2011

Week6: -1 pound
Saturday March 26, 2011

Week5: -1.5 pounds
Saturday March 19, 2011

Week4: -2 pounds
Saturday March 12, 2011

Week3: -.5 pounds
Saturday March 05, 2011

Week2: -1 pound
Saturday Feb 26, 2011

Week1: -4 pounds
Saturday Feb 19, 2011


  1. Men have it so easy! I am happy for them, but why can't we lose that fast too?

    I applaud you on your resolve. I'd probably go the other way and eat more since I am not losing anyway.

    Good luck next week!

  2. I'm extremely happy for him but yeah, I'm a little jealous of the numbers he's losing compared to mine.

    Thanks for the encouragement ... it stinks to be doing everything strictly correct and have a week without results. I hope next week treats me well.

  3. Are you taking your measurements too? Even when I was not losing weight, I was losing inches.

    Also, one week of a stall doesn't mean anything. Remember how I didn't lose anything for 3 weeks, then lost 4 lbs all of a sudden?

    Glad you aren't giving up...the program definitely works! (Although it sure is unfair how men lose so easily... GRRRR.)

  4. I haven't been taking measurements, I keep forgetting to pick up a tape measure. I have hope that the stall this week will mean a loss next week. Not giving up but it's tempting to skip a cheat day once to see if I actually lose 4 pounds off the total rather than losing 4 pounds to make up for a cheat day gain. Cro has talked me out of doing that for the last couple of weeks.


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