Saturday, April 2, 2011


Two pounds lost this week! That's 12 pounds total since starting 4HB slow-carb - low-carb. That's still slow but 2 is better than 1 ... or none! I'm at a total of 12 pounds in seven weeks ... that's hmm, an average of 1.7 pounds per week. At that rate I'll be 10 pounds shy of my end of summer (August 1) goal but should make it well before Christmas. I hope I hope I hope. :) Happy Saturday. It's my one free day and I'm out.

But I'm not out before I quickly tell about this crazy dream from last night.

I was driving 3 co-workers to their homes after work (odd already because that doesn't happen, they have their own cars). As I waited at one of the normal intersections that is usually a red light when I approach, I see a guy that used to work for our company walking. He smiled and nodded but continued walking so I gave two small honks and he turned. I asked if he wanted a ride to his place before I drop off these other people. He did! :) He was very happy. So I drove to his place and we all got out, and were met by a door-to-door "low-carb ketchup" salesman. He asked if we would like a sample and handed us a single ketchup packet each. The other three people had disappeared so it was me, the friend I'd given a ride to and the salesman. We were in the friend's apartment but he needed to step out. I started to follow but noticed the ketchup salesman was going through my filing cabinet (no idea why it was there). I grabbed him and a kitchen utensil (to make noise and beat on the door with) and started yelling for the friend ... "Aaron!! Aaron!! Aaron!! Aaron!!" over and over and over. Funny thing was that the friend's name wasn't Aaron. Maybe I had Aarón Sanchez in my head from watching Chopped.  I'm glad I didn't half-wake and yell "Aarón!!!" for real. Cro teases me when I talk nonsense while in a half-dream state. But it's so real!
4HB track record:

Week1 weight loss: -4 pounds
Saturday Feb 19, 2011

Week2 weight loss: -1 pound
Saturday Feb 26, 2011

Week3 weight loss: -.5 pounds
Saturday March 05, 2011

Week4 weight loss: -2 pounds
Saturday March 12, 2011

Week5 weight loss: -1.5 pounds
Saturday March 19, 2011

Week6 weight loss: -1 pound
Saturday March 26, 2011

Week7 weight loss: -2 pounds
Saturday April 2, 2011

TOTAL loss so far: -12 pounds


  1. Two is also better than a gain! Great job, Oct. Congrats on the loss, both this week and the total! :)

  2. Very true Floriana. Thanks for the grats. :)

  3. Aarón is my favorite judge on Chopped. Partly because he's super cute and partly because I love to say his name out loud. Aarón Sanchez Aarón Sanchez. Did you see the episode where he cooked and talked about his mom?

  4. Aarón is my fav judge on Chopped too. Is the one you are thinking of the Chopped All-Stars episode where he was a contestant? I think that is the one that got a little teary-eyed talking about his mom.

  5. Congrats ! I'm at 12 pounds also. Started on 2/1 . Way to go girl :)


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