Saturday, April 16, 2011


Has it been nine weeks on this new plan? Really? I'm having no trouble at all until the free day gets here and I find myself getting an internal "talking to" all day. I guess after three+ years of strict routine it's hard to believe in the free day concept. It is working though. Slowly slowly slowly.

I'm down 1 pound for the week, making up for last week but not buying me any extra ground. I do think I may have only half a free day today though (that's my internal "talking to" speaking up again). But hey, I wasn't doing something right if 3 years didn't get me to goal. It did get me a 100lb+ weight loss. I've also been stalled and creeping upward until I started 4HB ... so it makes sense to keep at it as long as I'm slowly losing weight.

No radical changes. I did reduce my bean and veggy intake to be 20-carbs per day. That's a low carb diet and I feel more comfortable with that than trusting in the low glycemic index to eat a larger serving of beans. Chopping a few hours off the free day probably isn't a radical change.

Cro is down another 5.2 pounds this week. Combined with -6.4 pounds last week he has a total loss of 11.6 pounds. He's almost at my nine week total and it's only his second week. Yatta!
4HB track record: -12 pounds TOTAL loss so far

Week9: -1 pound
Saturday April 16, 2011
Week8: +1 pound
Saturday April 9, 2011

Week7: -2 pounds
Saturday April 2, 2011

Week6: -1 pound
Saturday March 26, 2011

Week5: -1.5 pounds
Saturday March 19, 2011

Week4: -2 pounds
Saturday March 12, 2011

Week3: -.5 pounds
Saturday March 05, 2011

Week2: -1 pound
Saturday Feb 26, 2011

Week1: -4 pounds
Saturday Feb 19, 2011

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  1. Fantastic. I'm starting my 10th week on Monday. Perhaps it is time for some new stats for me. I'm loving my chicken cheese quesadillas. Your food looks good too. :) Keep up the great work :)


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