Tuesday, April 5, 2011


LOTS of sirens are sounding outside. I have no idea what's going on but a lot of emergency response vehicles are on the way. Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on the way!

Smoldering insulation in a nearby building.

I stopped at the grocery last night to get more Tennessee Pride spicy sausage and more broccoli broccoli broccoli. I made enough little meals for the next two days and had roasted broccoli (yum) for dinner.

I've actually had desire to roast broccoli for a meal on my free day. My love for this green stuff has grown so great that I have found myself checking the total carbs per frozen package. The little wheels turn in my head as I consider having the entire bag (8 net carbs for the whole thing) at one meal. No, I've not done that but I have had two servings at once.

There was an article about a local farmer's market in today's local foodie enewsletter. I may have to check it out sometime but it would be helpful if their website would post a menu. The article spoke of enjoying pulled pork but it certainly isn't listed. The only indication that it is actually a restaurant and not only a market is the posting of lunch and dinner times. Locally Grown Gardens. Maybe they are into intrigue marketing.

60g sirloin&sausage, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

60g sirloin&sausage, .25 cup red beans, broccoli

60g sirloin&sausage, .25 cup red beans, broccoli



  1. I just saw a website for a new local restaurant that I wanted to try, but after spending 15 minutes on their site, realized that I had no idea where it was located, even with their tiny, crappy map on there. Intrigue marketing, indeed!

  2. Intrigue marketing. :) I found a menu for the place that interested me and can see why it's not published. They only two offerings. No drinks other than water (good for me but not interesting to the general public). The two offerings are supposedly out-of-this-world good ... but it's not a restaurant. It's a farmer's market owned by a chef. There is a picnic table outside and a single big table inside where you can have either an open-faced BBQ pulled pork sandwich or grilled salmon with lemon-butter. No sides! No soup for you!

  3. I love roasted broccoli thanks to you and Marjie. Have you tried roasting the stalks yet? They are really good too. Last time I just sliced them. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

  4. Yes and yum. :) I had nothing except broccoli for dinner last night and enjoyed it as if it were candy.


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