Tuesday, April 26, 2011

with the sun

I'm not here (at work) quite as early today but after working 15 hours yesterday I felt I deserved to sleep a little more than 4 hours. Inexplicably I was wide awake at 3am though. Guess I forgot to reset my body clock.

I had some mundane and yet slightly odd (something was not quite right) dreams in that broken night. First half of the night I dreamt that Cro was cleaning the garage. He went back upstairs just as I needed to go to work but I found there was an extra vehicle (I think it was a tractor) taking up my normal spot. I had to call up to Cro to toss me his truck keys so that I could Tetris the vehicles around and get my Jeep out.

Second half of the night I dreamt I was getting ready for work and the bathroom was filled with every hair care product I'd ever not completely emptied. It was like going through my grandma's attic and discovering toys that I'd loved and forgotten had even existed ... except it was shampoo, conditioner, straightening and smoothing gel, products to increase shine. Even stranger was that after getting ready for work this morning I opened the bottom drawer in the bathroom cabinet and found a bottle of Paul Mitchel finishing shine product that I'd forgotten I had. What a mundane thing to have a supposed "premonition" about, lol.

I didn't even have energy to cook and package meals for the next couple of days and begged some of Cro's diet food. I felt bad asking to dip into his stash but he often offers. With 60g of precooked ham I finished packaging one meal that I'd already set aside with legume and veggy and added bacon to complete another. With that and one meal I had left from Sunday's packaging-fest and I'm set for today.

Boring isn't it. ;)

Today won't be a quiet one ... loads of work but I talk about work too much.

Top Shot is on tonight I think. It's getting close to the end. It's fascinating to watch since Cro is quite a marksman himself and I used to practice kyudo (Japanese long bow). We both are years out of practice but I'm sure Cro's abilities stuck with him since he is capable with many types of weapons (even tomahawks) and has a lifetime of experience vs. my few months of archery.

Oh, and I'm back down two pounds. Two more to go to be back to last Saturday's weight (and at least one more by this Saturday's weigh-in please please). I've been adding a melatonin supplement along with my morning handful of diet and nutrition supplements. I guess melatonin eases stress. Maybe I should look it up.

Today's meals total 49 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 17 carbs

bacon (20g protein)
1/8 cup red beans (3carbs)
broccoli (3.5carbs)

111g turkey sausage (19g protein)
1/8 cup red beans (3carbs)
broccoli (3.5carbs)

i missed this meal

bacon (10g protein), 2 servings broccoli (4 carbs)


  1. It tastes as good as it looks. I like crispy bacon.

  2. do you like and can eat chickpeas on this diet? The Turk tells me they are packed with protein. I bought two cans to try and roast when I have time this week.

    mmmm poooork

  3. Chickpeas are allowed but with caution. Tim (the guy who wrote the diet book) calls them a "domino food" that you might eat more of than good for weightloss. I looked it up and stumbled upon this recipes page. Most of these recipes aren't what I would call "simple foods" but the author claims they are legal for the diet and are getting results. http://www.4hourrecipes.com/
    I think I'll keep my meals simple and boring though. I might have chickpeas rather than red beans sometime though. Yum.


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