Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm 206 this morning. That's 2 pounds less than yesterday and a 6 pound loss so far for the week. Taking into account the +5 pounds I had to make up from my last free day I'm in the black. Yatta!

The cold shower this morning wasn't as shocking as it has been for the last few days but although it only lasted between 30 and 40 seconds I've been dreading it since last night. The extra weight loss this week certainly encourages me to continue with the cold, but it's too difficult to do a valid A/B test on the human body so the weight loss could be the result of a number of things. Maybe I should blog exactly what I do and what I eat each day so that I'll at least know all of the obvious factors. Oh wait ... I already do that. :P

Things that might be responsible for the weight loss:

• I did have a 5-pound gain from my last free day, which was under 100 carbs. (And was very upsetting.) Perhaps through the magic of the Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain that 5 pounds wasn't actually fat gain. I don't know what else it would have been but I did have alcohol on an empty stomach at last Friday's office party (hard alcohol, no carbs). Maybe I had dehydrated myself and a little bit of the gain was from rehydrating the next day? Who knows. I can't pretend to understand that part of how the body works.

• I've been very spot-on with the 4HB and reintroduced legumes to some of my meals.

• I've been having egg protein shakes in place of eating breakfast (driven by the need to get enough protein within 30 minutes of waking). Incidentally the protein shakes are very low calorie and cause me to have nearly twice as much water in the morning as normal. I drink my normal 20oz of cold water before I make another 16oz protein shakes (water and egg protein).

• I have ALL of the supplements suggested for 4HB and have been taking the garlic, alpha lipoic acid and green tea supplements 4 times a day and the Policosanol once per day.

• I've ended my comfy hot shower each morning with 30ish seconds of shockingly cold torture. BRR I'm still cold.

• I've reintroduced my diet Soda Stream pop with Splenda, but only in the evenings and in addition to the 80ish ounces of water I also drink throughout the day. (So I'm having even MORE water than normal.)

So is the answer to the riddle of why I've lost 6 pounds so far this week within those factors or is it some internal mystery that I'll never learn. *shrug* Your guess is as good as mine.

 Today's meals total 74.44 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 11 carbs

egg white protein shake (24 protein)
probiotic supplement (1carb) 

60g sirloin (13.22 protein)
1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
1/2 serving broccoli (1 carb)

60g sirloin (13.22 protein)
1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
1/2 serving broccoli (1 carb)

egg white protein shake (24 protein)

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