Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ping to the Pong

Wicked Witch of the West hat for Anne.
From the Indy Children's Museum exhibit
of superhero (and villain) original costumes.
As a nice surprise this morning our newly hired programmer was in the office before I got here. He even started the coffee pot (I don't drink coffee but I appreciate the initiative). After some introductory chit-chat he asked if we ever use that ping pong table. I then invited him to a game explaining that though I used to be very good I haven't played in YEARS. Well, it was apparent that I was super rusty, but at least he wasn't wiping the floor with me either. We played several minutes of just practice then started a game. I lost but by the end I could feel my mad skillz were coming back. Super fun and a great workout.

Haunted by the 30protein within 30 minutes of waking rule, I heated up one of the meals I'd prepared and packaged. Standing at the kitchen counter I ate before leaving for work. Even though I slept in an extra 10 minutes and ate before I left I still made it to work by 7am. Yay for rushing.

My Policosanol has arrived. I still don't
know exactly what this is other than it's
the last thing I need to complete PAGG.
It claims to lower LDL and raise HDL.
Once per day at 15 cents. They add up.
Grrr, I need to go to the grocery tonight too. I did remember to get alpha lipoic acid and a probiotic before coming home last night. I need a microchip implant that can hold my to-do and grocery lists. I guess that's what the iphone is for.

Speaking of that probiotic, it's strawberry flavored, contains sucralose and a small amount of fructose and is 1-carb per chewable wafer. I should have read the bottle more closely but was so thrilled to actually see a probiotic that I grabbed it without much more than a glance (I've been looking ever since I ran out a few weeks ago). It's also supposed to be taken 3 times a day but no ... I'm not going to add 3 carbs of supplements to my limited carb intake diet. I took one this morning but plan to do some reading before regularly incorporating.

What I'm taking is below. These things add up! The Policosanol alone is 15cents per day. If I continue this and each are 15cents per dose I'd say I'm taking about $1,200 per year in supplements. Yikes. That's too much. I'll finish these but might not refill the ones that have no benefit to my MS.
  • vitamin D (with breakfast)
  • Melatonin (with breakfast)
  • multivitamin (with breakfast)
  • probiotic (with breakfast)
  • garlic supplement (with each meal)
  • green tea supplement (with each meal)
  • alpha lipoic acid supplement (with each meal)
  • Policosanol supplement (at end of day)

Today's meals total 101.26 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 11.5 carbs

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)
probiotic supplement (1carb)

130g skinless chicken breast (32.5 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

bacon (30g protein)



  1. We had a foosball table at our shop but we played it so hard that we actually demolished it. That's why we can't have nice things anymore. :(

  2. Ha! :) We played touch football in our old office once. One of the guys tackled me into a wall (hey, it was SUPPOSED to be an indoor version!). We had to move a ficus tree in front of that area of the wall to hide the broken plaster. Oops. And that's why WE can't have nice things anymore ... that and in the good ol' days we actually had time to play around. Ah, the fearlessness of a good economy.

  3. Love the Wicked Witches hat!
    ANd what funny stories.... I never get to play at my job....
    Well,,,,,,, really I do - but that's another story for another day!

  4. I wish we could roll back time 12 years when times were good and we played every day.


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