Thursday, May 19, 2011

Planking and other curious things

I'm 204 today. Now that's more like it (things are moving in the right direction). I have two more days to beat that but at least I don't have to worry about recording a gain if it stays where it is.

I tried to get several of the guys to do some planking around the office so I could take pics for our company facebook page. No one was willing (chickens!). I guess I don't blame them since I was going to take the ridiculous photos but not be in them. Planking is to lie down on your stomach with arms at your sides ... like a plank. It's a new fad going all around the world (but started in Australia ... crazy Aussies). I guess the Australian government passed a law making planking illegal since it was getting out of hand (people planking on dangerous spots and at least one death). Here are the IndyCar guys having a go at planking ... so stupid it's funny. :D I'll bet that next time the Google Earth satellite takes pics for the world map it will find lots of people planking for posterity.

Cool ... Stephen Fry (of Fry & Laurie, Blackadder, loads of other things) has been cast in the new Hobbit movie. *hops and claps excitedly* Why is it when I think the word "cool" in a sentence I shudder a little bit ... I think the cold showers are messing with me.

Does anyone else keep up with what's happening in the world more by seeing what your friends are talking about on facebook than by watching broadcast news?

There are only two of my prepared meals left in the fridge after packing lunch this morning. That means it's almost Friday!

 Today's meals total 65.44 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 14 carbs

egg white protein shake (24 protein)
probiotic supplement (1carb) 

60g sirloin (13.22 protein)
broccoli & cauliflower (3.5 carbs)

60g sirloin (13.22 protein)
broccoli & cauliflower (3.5 carbs)

bacon (15 protein)
roasted kale (6 carbs) 


  1. LOVED the planking!
    funny stuff!

  2. I wish the guys at the office would have posed for some planking pics! The one that definitely would have is on vacation. Boo.

  3. Only planking we do is at Bodypump. It's a weightlifting class and as part of the circuit, we do planks and hold them... but we are on our hands, kinda like a push up...

  4. I think this type of planking is all about the pose and the strangeness of seeing someone lying face down with arms to the side in the most unexpected places.


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