Monday, May 30, 2011

We salute you

Memorial Day. My dad was once a military policeman. He was honorably discharged after being stabbed in the back with an ice pick during an attempted prison break at Leavenworth Penitentiary, Kansas. At the time, Leavenworth was the largest maximum security federal prison in the United States.

Dad lived due to holding the ice pick in his back so he couldn't be stabbed repeatedly. He did this until other MP's got there to help subdue the prisoner.

According to mom, dad couldn't be safely woken from a dream or nightmare after his duty at Leavenworth. He was always on high alert and could detect the presence of another person even in a pitch black room ... no matter how quiet the other person tried to be. It's the stuff of superhero movies.

Thank you for your service dad. Thank you God for allowing him to come home alive. And thank you to all of the other men and women who have served. Your bravery and sacrifice is not lost on me.

Memorial Day grilling ... grilling is the perfect way to make this diet not even feel like a diet. Isn't it odd how we wait until near 100degree weather to stoke a hot flame and stand in the hot sun grilling? I love it! And I'm only having 3 meals today since the grilled meal is large enough to be two. Holiday weeks are the best.

 Today's meals total 74.22 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 19 carbs

60g sirloin (13.22 protein)
1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
cauliflower and peppers (4 carbs)
probiotic supplement (1carb)

bacon (20 protein)

1 Hebrew National beef frank (7 protein, 1 carb)
3oz chicken breast (20 protein)
3oz burger (14 protein)
grilled peppers, mushroom, onion (10 carbs)


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