Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week12 begins

I found that Tim Ferriss has created a bar called "Training 33". Here's the description:
Training 33 is a power-packed bar designed by best-selling author Tim Ferriss. It combines protein and calcium from whey protein, walnuts, almond butter with fiber, chewiness sweetness from goji berries, organic dates, honey, organic flaxseed, oat bran, and cacao nibs.  Tim Ferriss then added a variety of vitamins and cinnamon for an energizing nutritional boost.

After seeing the current Indianapolis Groupon is for youbars and going to investigate, I found the Tim Ferriss bar. His bar contains a fruit (goji berries and dates) and whey protein which he claims can stall females. He doesn't seem to claim it's for 4BH though since the name of the bar is "Training 33". So I attempted to make my own 4HB version without the fruit and with higher protein and even less carbs.

It worked out to 7netCarbs and 16 protein per medium sized bar and contains these: Organic peanut butter, organic rice protein (I chose the "extra protein" option), organic agave nectar (I chose the "not too sweet" option), cinnamon, organic ginger, organic maca powder, vanilla extract, oat bran, Greens Infusion (for the antioxidants and B12).

If only cayenne pepper could be one of the available ingredients. ;)

I'm not sure whether I will try these but there is a Groupon discount available for the next 2 days so maybe. This would be a step toward solving that "eat 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking" rule since I could eat this on the road to work. It's only 16 protein though so I'd still have to have a little more. I wouldn't eat two bars at once ... too many carbs. I have been wondering if the 30g is just a general amount and maybe since I'm 5'3" I could get away with less. *warning bells because I know that is an unproven assumption*

This morning I ordered 2lbs of Healthy 'n Fit egg protein (thank you for the recommendation Grace) and also ordered 2 months of Policosanol (one of the PAGG stack supplements ingredients recommended for this diet). I'm out of Alpha Lipoid Acid but I can get that from Walgreens.

Today's meals total 102.16 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 14 carbs 

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

bacon (30g protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5carbs)

130g skinless chicken breast (32.5 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)

90g sirloin (19.83 protein)
broccoli (2 carbs) & cauliflower (1.5 carbs)


  1. See you are changing it up a bit by adding bacon :) Love it :) I'm on week 12 as well. Bout ime we posted some stats and new pics LOL. I'm guilty of that as well. I know I've lost about 17 pounds and ___ inches. Guess it will be a post this week... lol

  2. Thanks Anne. :)

    Thanks bayoubabe, congrats on the loss.

  3. I remember reading something about this Tim guy.
    How is that book?

  4. It's really more a series of chapters than one cohesive book. I read the fat burning chapter, the chapter on exercise and skimmed the rest of it (sex and what-not). It had enough excellent points that it even interested Cro's latent body-builder. Tim doesn't really come up with new information, but he has tested other people's info on himself to the extreme and put 2 and 2 together ... and come up with 4-hour body (only named that because his first book was called "The Four Hour Work Week". This really doesn't have anything to do with getting fit in four hours. I'd recommend it since it is a quick read (one or so chapters) and made a lot of sense.


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