Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week13 4HB slow carb numbers

I'm 204 this morning! That means I've lost not only the 5lbs from last Saturday's free day, but an additional 3lbs!!!

Cro is having a temporary setback in diet. I blame all of the insane hours he's been having to work and all of the stress that is part of our lives right now (all of it is related to our financial security). If only we could live in a world free of such grown-up worries.

Today is free day again. I hope I don't gain 5 pounds this time but at least having gone through that last week and succeeded, I feel encouraged that I'll be able to shed whatever it is quickly and move on to the next loss. I'm SO close to the 100's again and it won't be too long before I get there!

Free day meals were:
  • One serving of CarbSmart ice cream with two sliced strawberries and pecans
  • Two lettuce wraps from PF Chang's without the white rice noodles
  • Chengdu spiced lamb with grilled onion and two grilled cherry tomatoes (I had about a sixth of the entrĂ©e with 1/2 cup of rice)
  • One and a half mini dessert samples. I had the carrot cake and a spoon each of the chocolate and cheese cake
  • Two sugarfree Oreo cookies
  • One serving of Dreamfield's pasta with cheese and bacon crumbles
  • Half serving of CarbSmart ice cream with and dash of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg and dash of pumpkin pie spice mixed in, whipped cream and pecans
    4HB track record: -18 pounds TOTAL loss so far

    Week13: -3 pounds
    Saturday May 14, 2011
    Week12: -2 pounds
    Saturday May 7, 2011
    Week11: no loss
    Saturday April 30, 2011
    Week10: -1 pound
    Saturday April 23, 2011
    Week9: -1 pound
    Saturday April 16, 2011
    Week8: +1 pound
    Saturday April 9, 2011

    Week7: -2 pounds
    Saturday April 2, 2011

    Week6: -1 pound
    Saturday March 26, 2011

    Week5: -1.5 pounds
    Saturday March 19, 2011

    Week4: -2 pounds
    Saturday March 12, 2011

    Week3: -.5 pounds
    Saturday March 05, 2011

    Week2: -1 pound
    Saturday Feb 26, 2011

    Week1: -4 pounds
    Saturday Feb 19, 2011


    1. Wow, 3 lbs! What a great loss! Congrats! I am so glad that the big gain turned out to be just a fluctuation. Great job and I hope the losses continue to pile up for both you and Cro :)


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