Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week16 begins

I received a free sample of Quest bars in the mail yesterday and after going over the nutrition panel and reading the testimonials I decided to give them a try. One thing that intrigued me (other than the lack of sugar alcohols and other Frankenstein ingredients) was the claim that there was absolutely no strange aftertaste and that if warmed up for 10 or 15 seconds in the microwave they will taste like fresh baked cookies.

The one I tried (Vanilla Almond Crunch) was actually quite good and though it ballooned a bit from 20 seconds in the microwave (which is why I recommended no more than 15sec) it did taste a little like a warm cookie. It wasn't as sweet as a cookie but I didn't want it to be. I give it two Yums up. :9 I may actually have to buy a few just to have around for those days when heating up a meal is next to impossible (aka meeting days).

egg white protein shake (24 protein) 
probiotic supplement (1carb)

Quest bar (20 protein, 4carbs)

60g sirloin (13.22 protein)
1/8 cup red beans (4 carbs)
1 serving cauliflower (3.5 carb)
egg white protein shake (24 protein) 


  1. After reading some good reviews on these, I bought a box of the almond crunch on line. I wasn't really as impressed as I thought I would be. For one thing, I find nothing crunchy about them at all, and I find them cloyingly sweet.

    Still, they are not awful, and sometimes at work I just need something to eat before I get too hungry. I think I will try them heated up just to see if that improves them, so thanks for the tip. Do you leave them in the wrapper to heat them?

  2. I didn't find them crunchy at all either. I agree that they aren't awful but I wouldn't buy them for anything other than having a quick protein that I can stash in my pocket for those all-day meeting days when I don't have easy access to my packed lunch. I heated it up on a paper towel since the inside of the wrapper looked metallic. I have bad luck with microwaves! :)

  3. Non blog question. Do you have a kindle? I'm thinking about getting one and wonder if it something I should invest in. I think I would read more books if I could just download them and go instead of having to wait for them to come in through the mail.

  4. Your post must have shut down the website! I tried early to get a free sample with no luck. Just tried again and my samples are on the way :)

  5. I do have a Kindle and I love it lots. I know there are color ones out now ... Nook or something ... but I've not used that so don't know how it is. The Kindle is amazing and I only have to recharge it once a month.

    Ha, I'd say that my post must have sent a huge surge of people to the Quest Bar site for free samples but I don't think enough people read me to cause a surge.


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