Thursday, June 23, 2011


Still 201 today. I guess "poundora's box" (Anne the Carb Tripper's excellent term!) didn't care for my mention of bullying it yesterday. I'll hush.

Two days until vacation! I'll be putting some time toward learning WordPress (the professional website building stuff, not the easy blog stuff). Cro plans to spend part of his vacation clearing saplings from our back yard. Free time! No stress. We are overdue.

Overdue for a hair chop.
Hair pampering tonight if I can leave work on time. It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to get from work to the salon and my appointment is at 5:30. Worry worry. :P

If I'm a little late maybe they can do the cut and highlights and let me go home with wet hair. I don't need it styled just to go home and I do have a blow dryer. I can't remember a time when I didn't have access to one. Civilization spoils us.

 Today's meals total 62 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 11 carbs

Quest protein bar (20 protein, 5 carbs)

ground sausage & bacon (11 protein)
broccoli (3 carbs)

bacon (20 protein)


  1. :D

    It's fitting somehow that some of the scales need
    a little KICK before they start. Maybe a bigger kick!

    And the blowdryer - just stand outside for about 5 minutes!

  2. ha :)

    I like the standing outside for 5 minutes idea. Cheaper than paying the guy to dry and style it too! And my hair always smells the best to me when dried in the wind.


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