Tuesday, June 7, 2011

plink plink

No loss today. I know some say I shouldn't weigh everyday but being the high-anxiety type I'd rather know than not. I know the body doesn't work like a clock and is prone to jumps and hitches. So I do a quick mental check to be sure I'm not straying (I'm not) and shrug ... tomorrow.

I've finished the big project that I presented to client a few weeks ago. Now it heads into internal review – then revision – then final client review – revision – engineering – quality assurance – publish – maintenance.

On to the next (which is the restaurant that I visited last weekend to soak up atmosphere and take photos).

Cro finds out today if he is approved to take vacation time at the end of this month. If he is I will put in for a few days vacation too. We are going to a shooting range as one of his birthday celebration events. I have taken long bow lessons

but have only shot a gun perhaps twice in my life (not counting a BB gun that I had as a kid). I think the shooting range will provide guns with a lot more kick-back than a BB gun. :/ *preparing for sore arms*

 Today's meals total 83.4 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 22.5 carbs

bacon (20 protein)

120g chicken breast (28.2 protein)
red beans (3.5 carbs)
peppers, onions (4 carbs)

80g sirloin (17.6 protein)
red beans (3.5 carbs)
cauliflower (4 carbs)

80g sirloin (17.6 protein)
red beans (3.5 carbs)
cauliflower (4 carbs)

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  1. Bacon! Makes for a good day, which is never lost....
    No matter what the scales say!
    Steak doesn't hurt, either!


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