Wednesday, June 8, 2011

water for elephants

*sigh* There is a Living Social deal for a $99 Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. The treatment is normally $250, causing me to wince and say I would wait until I see a deal because that is too expensive. Well, now there is a limited time deal … but I'm going to pass on it. I'm trying very hard to not spend money on unnecessary things until I feel a little more financially secure. I will book a regular hair appointment (highlight refresh and cut) though. I'm well overdue and maintaining my appearance IS in the necessary bucket.

Cro was approved for his vacation time! And so was I. :) We will be enjoying a week off work sandwiched between two weekends and followed by the Independence Day holiday. That adds up to 10 days in a row. We don't have big plans but it will be great to be free for 10 full days.

Same ol' meals again. I must be a rare bird in not minding much that I eat the same things over and over. I do look forward to all the possibilities of next free day though! I've been evolving that day to only allow one no-rules meal while the rest of the day is low-carb.

I may have to give that low-carb cinnamon walnut braid recipe another try just to see if I can do better. I will cut the recipe down to a quarter of the amount I made last week and I must remember to get eggs.

I'm back to last Saturday's weight with three more weigh-ins to go before free day. There's still potential for a better than normal loss but for some reason I think I'm losing more slowly this week. Maybe weight recently gained (the gain after free day for example) is faster to come off than the stubborn weight that's been there for a good while. I try to make sense of it but that usually ends in my body doing the unexpected just to defy my conclusions. :P

I had to pick up more supplements from Walgreens last night so I'm all set again. I was completely out of the green tea supplement and though I actually have tea on hand I couldn't be bothered to make a cup to drink with each meal. We don't have hot water at work right now so I would have had to boil some in the microwave. I could have done that but, no thanks.

This nasty-tasting water situation at work has definitely been effecting the amount of water I drink per day. I fill up one of my soda stream containers from home to last me through the work day. I'm not sure how much the soda stream containers hold but I think it's about 40oz. I drink 20oz lots of water before and after work to make up for it. 

Water for Elephants was a great movie, btw. ;)

 Today's meals total 83.4 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 22.5 carbs

120g chicken breast (28.2 protein)
red beans (3.5 carbs)
peppers, onions (4 carbs)

80g sirloin (17.6 protein)
red beans (3.5 carbs)
cauliflower (4 carbs)

80g sirloin (17.6 protein)
red beans (3.5 carbs)
cauliflower (4 carbs)

bacon (20 protein)


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