Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week16 4HB slow carb numbers

Today's 4HB Free Day meals were:
  • One bite of a Magnum ice cream bar (so curious about the hype ... it IS very rich. maybe too rich)
  • 3 Oreo cookies
  • Lunch at Scotty's Lakehouse. (blue chips with spinach dip, sweet potato fries, mini lemon Flying Cupcake)
  • one serving of low carb cinnamon walnut bread (I attempted this without the glaze. It was very good though not nearly as pretty as Carolyn's.)
  • Low carb ice cream (CarbSmart) with strawberries and Spanish peanuts 
Low-carb cinnamon walnut bread.
Each of those is about 2 servings.

Cool! I did very well today limiting my free day. I'm hoping for much less of a gain for the day and a loss this coming week. I'm overdue for one!
    4HB track record: -19 pounds TOTAL loss so far

    Week16: no loss
    Saturday June 4, 2011
    Week15: no loss
    Saturday May 28, 2011
    Week14: -1 pound
    Saturday May 21, 2011
    Week13: -3 pounds
    Saturday May 14, 2011
    Week12: -2 pounds
    Saturday May 7, 2011
    Week11: no loss
    Saturday April 30, 2011
    Week10: -1 pound
    Saturday April 23, 2011
    Week9: -1 pound
    Saturday April 16, 2011
    Week8: +1 pound
    Saturday April 9, 2011

    Week7: -2 pounds
    Saturday April 2, 2011

    Week6: -1 pound
    Saturday March 26, 2011

    Week5: -1.5 pounds
    Saturday March 19, 2011

    Week4: -2 pounds
    Saturday March 12, 2011

    Week3: -.5 pounds
    Saturday March 05, 2011

    Week2: -1 pound
    Saturday Feb 26, 2011

    Week1: -4 pounds
    Saturday Feb 19, 2011


    1. I came across your blog on one that I follow and thought I would check it out. You have done great and I like the way you post your weekly weight loss. You just picked up another follower. Keep up the good work.

    2. Thank you Debbie! I'll be checking out your blog soon as well.


    I nearly always reply to comments. Check back if you are interested.

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