Monday, June 13, 2011

Week18 begins

This post is a day late but that's a quick Sunday recap and on to Monday's post in a moment.

Yesterday's meals were not spot on for the first time in 17 weeks of this 4HB slow carb plan. I started out well, breakfast consisted of 3 eggs. We decided to accept my cousin's invitation to his place to enjoy the Crawfordsville Strawberry Festival. While I managed to avoid all of the carby goodness on display I did have 5 strawberries. Yum x5. 4HB insists upon no fruit other than free day so yep, that was me taking a deliberate deviation. I had even brought a Quest bar with me. It didn't seem appropriate to snack on a protein bar when my cousin's wife had made food for us so it remained in my back pocket, not being consumed until breakfast the next day. I got away with only sampling a few of the fresh picked strawberries while everyone else ate lunch.

What a fun time we had though. It was great to see my cousin and his wife. They live in a historic building as caretakers of the grounds (along with their normal careers in other things). The building is beautiful and filled with lovely woodwork and 8-10 foot high doors ... crazy high! Cro loved that along with the doors that inset into the wall rather than folding back when opened. I have forgotten what they are called but I've not seen that type of door on modern homes. I don't frequent many homes though and certainly not many mansions.

The other highlight of our visit was playing a board game of my cousin's design. He is greatly into game boards and has designed five games so far I think. These are the types of role-playing board/card games you see at conventions like GenCon which is a yearly event in Indianapolis. I was intrigued by the game as was Cro. It is sold through a print-on-demand service which means my cousin doesn't have to warehouse anything.

 Today's meals total 24.69 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 10 carbs

3 eggs (18.69 protein)

5 strawberries (5 carbs) FRUIT IS NOT ALLOWED - my bad

bacon (5 protein)
broccoli (5 carbs)

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